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I-Module series Centre de données modulaire is an overall solution for data center construction and is highly integrated. A single module can include five major systems, including cabinets, cold aisles, power supply and distribution, cooling, and management. One module can meet all the basic conditions for the stable operation of IT loads. Micro-modules are mainly in the form of double-row cold aisles, but they can also be made into single-row or hot aisle forms. The system adopts the row-level near-end cooling method, which can Improve the return air temperature and further reduce the PUE.



Déploiement rapide •Pre-installed, pre-connected, pre-integrated, plug and play. •Pre-installed enterprise application APP, menu-based selection, one-stop delivery, rapid business launch. •Integrate Computer room infrastructure (air conditioner, UPS , battery, power distribution, monitoring, etc.), IT infrastructure (server, storage, network), cloud platform (virtualized cloud security components, multi-cloud management).   Économie d'énergie et haute efficacité Efficient power supply and distribution, cooling close to the heat source, effectively reducing the PUE value of the module, isolating cold and hot air flow, eliminating ineffective air circulation and eliminating local hot spots Through integrated management of modules, coordinated operation and improved performance of functional components.   Extension à la demande •Standardized, modular and integrated design, saving 30% of construction cost. Cabinet expansion is as simple as building blocks, and computing power grows as needed. •Software-defined infrastructure, excellent resource elastic scalability. •Meet business elastic scaling requirements and save 40% of initial investment.   Fonctionnement et entretien simples  • Centralized monitoring of computer room infrastructure, IT infrastructure and cloud platform. Multi-cloud management of physical and virtual resources. • Automatic fault location, automatic isolation, efficient operation and maintenance. •24-hour active inspection, cloud service support.


The Aisle Containment System modular data center is an intelligent thermal containment solution designed to increase cooling system efficiency while protecting critical IT equipment and personnel. Power supply and distribution architecture, close to heat source cooling methods, effectively reduce the module PUE value. The modular design enables the company to match and expand rapidly according to the needs of business development.


Solution monomodule : It is suitable for small and medium-sized data centers with a total power consumption of less than 120kW and an area of less than 100 square meters. Meet the small and large enterprise  data center needs.   Solution multimodule : Through multiple module layout replication, flexible and rapid deployment, to build large data centers. For the needs of large data centers in IDC, large enterprises, financial centers, governments, military, supercomputing centers, education, medical and other industries.

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