Air Conditioning for Container Data Center - Container Air Conditioning




In recent years, the rapid development of Internet technology, we know that behind the Internet are large databases in support. When it comes to data centers, does the spacious server room, neatly arranged racks, and many, many data lines come to mind again?


However, technology is advancing, cell phones can be smaller and smaller, but the memory is bigger and bigger, the room can not lag behind, the container data center has emerged, in short, the container data center is the server, storage, network equipment, etc. all into the container with power.


Whether it is a container data center, or the traditional data center, most of them are located in the server room, there is electricity will generate heat, there is heat must have cooling equipment. Aluminum plant steel metallurgical industry has in higher than 60 ℃ but not higher than 80 ℃ when the normal work of high-temperature special air conditioning; pulp and paper industry has a special for acid gas anti-corrosion air conditioning, then the container data center, also has its own cooling equipment, that is, container air conditioning. Container data center because of its high density (limited space to place more number of cabinets), low PUE (closed space to reduce the consumption of cold air), easy installation and other advantages are becoming increasingly popular.


Containers are widely used, and different regions face different geographic environments. In environments with high humidity, high humidity inevitably occurs inside the box, which will certainly reduce the life of the unit if not handled in a timely manner, based on this situation, container-specific air conditioners can extend the professional-grade depth dehumidification function to achieve constant temperature dehumidification; they can also be customized with stainless steel sheet metal, anti-corrosion type heat exchangers, surface anti-corrosion treatment and high protection grade motors, which can adapt to It can also be customized with stainless steel sheet metal, anti-corrosion heat exchanger, surface anti-corrosion treatment and high protection grade motor, which can adapt to the complex environment of the sea, with corrosion resistance and weatherproof ability, and realize the common use of sea and land.

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