Coolnet Power Hosts Russian Clients for Collaborative Visit


Coolnet Power Co., Ltd proudly played host to esteemed Russian clients, Mr. Mironov Stanislav and his wife, during a comprehensive reference and exchange visit on August 25, 2023. The visit, marked by a warm welcome ceremony, exemplified Coolnet Power's dedication to fostering international relationships and facilitating substantive exchanges.


The clients were immersed in a guided tour of Coolnet Power's state-of-the-art showroom, where they experienced firsthand the breadth and depth of the company's diverse product portfolio. The tour included detailed explanations, highlighting the technological advancements and innovations inherent in Coolnet Power's offerings. A particular focus was placed on the company's cutting-edge Power Distribution Unit (PDU) products, showcasing the brand's commitment to delivering reliable and efficient solutions.


Building on this showroom experience, the collaboration continued on August 26 with a journey to Shenzhen, where the clients were given an exclusive tour of Coolnet Power's PDU manufacturing facility. The immersive tour provided the clients with a comprehensive understanding of the meticulous PDU production process, from meticulous raw material preparation to the final stages of manufacturing. Technical discussions ensued, addressing specific queries raised by the clients. Coolnet Power's adept technical team promptly translated proposed solutions into detailed blueprints, resulting in a tailor-made solution that met the client's requirements and garnered mutual satisfaction.


The collaborative visit proved highly beneficial for both parties, reinforcing Coolnet Power's dedication to excellence in client engagement. Mr. Mironov expressed his satisfaction with the arrangements and extended a warm invitation for Coolnet Power to reciprocate the visit to Russia.


Coolnet Power Co., Ltd looks forward to further nurturing this international partnership, leveraging shared expertise, and exploring additional opportunities for collaboration in the dynamic and evolving technology solutions landscape.



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