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COOLNET--Data center

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Data center usually refers to the centralized processing, storage, transmission, exchange and management of information in a physical space, the key equipment in the network core data center includes computer equipment, server equipment, network equipment and storage equipment etc. The key physical infrastructure of data center to guarantee critical running contains power supply system, refrigeration system, cabinet system, fire protection system and monitoring system.

COOLNET --Data center


High reliability requiredTier 3 or higher level reliability

Difficult in further expansionTransformable capacity expansion (sustainable development capacity)

High energy consumptionHigh power energy consumption

Professional operation and maintenance (difficult to manage)Incompatible management of various equipment

COOLNET --Rapid deployment

Pre-installed, pre-connected, pre-integrated, plug and play.


High reliability

The modular data center can be expanded according to customer needs.

Closed hot and cold aisles

high efficiency and energy saving

Intelligent management

Visual Interface with cloud monitoring

Intelligent management

Visual Interface with cloud monitoring

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