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The popularization and use of campus information teaching methods are becoming wider and wider, such as electronic library reading room, online homework, distance education, online classes and so on. A stable school monitoring center protects information security.

COOLNET --Education


High investment costSmall application range and high investment

Monitoring systemHigh requirements for computer room monitoring and management

Storage Storage Large storage capacity for data transmission

SecurityThe confidentiality requirements are strong

COOLNET --Intelligent monitoring interface

Intelligent management system, good human-machine interaction mode, easy to control which can be convenient to maintenance for operation


Infrastructure construction

The infrastructure can provide safe and stable information collection and storage services.

Cooling system

Closed hot and cold aisle, high efficiency and energy saving.

Management system

Intelligent management system and system to achieve good monitoring and management level and facilitate management.

On-demand expansion

Standardized, modular and integrated design, saving 30% of construction cost. Meet business elastic scaling requirements and save 40% of initial investment

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