Electrical Power Distribution Unit Solutions For Large Data Centers



With the rapid development of the significant data era, the central server room construction project remote monitoring PDU management power distribution and control equipment, while the demand can monitor the load current, zero fire voltage and server room temperature, and humidity.

Network management power controller is a new generation of network management with the world's most advanced technology level

Intelligent Power Distribution Unit

The manager can detect, control and manage the power supply of N devices installed in server rooms and cabinets all over the world through LAN or WAN; it is widely used in server cabinets, network cabinets, and other 19" standard or non-standard cabinets. The product installation structure is divided into two ways: horizontal installation and vertical installation. Power metering function: automatically records the power consumption per unit of time; original state-keeping function: ensures the original state of each output unit and keeps it when restarting; alarm threshold setting function: customizable settings: upper and lower limit values of the total load current; upper and lower limit values of the load current of each output unit; upper and lower limit values of temperature/humidity; system alarm function: the system will automatically alarm when the following conditions occur:

When the total load current exceeds the alarm threshold setting value;

When the load current of each output unit exceeds the alarm threshold setting value;

when the temperature/humidity exceeds the alarm threshold setting value; when the system fails

When a fault occurs in each output unit;

when the connected server is dead;

When the door is open;

When smoke occurs;

When flooding occurs.

Cascade function: support NPM cascade, radial security connection mode, up to 10 units can be cascaded;

Logging function: record and save the system operation information of the machine, provide record query and output;

User management function: user rights can be set;

Security mode shutdown function: remote soft shutdown of the server can be realized.

PDU can display the actual working temperature inside the cabinet


The PDU has special jacks for the fan power supply, and customers can pre-set the temperature of primary control and secondary control, when the actual temperature reaches the primary temperature, the fan starts to work until it is lower than the set temperature and stops working; when the actual temperature of the cabinet matches the secondary temperature, the PDU starts to alarm and cut off the total power supply to protect the expensive hardware equipment in the server room.


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