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COOLNET--Energy storage

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Energy storage is to collect and store excess energy that is temporarily unused for a period of time through energy storage devices, and then extract it for use during peak usage, or transport it to places where energy is scarce for reuse. The basic task of energy storage systems is to overcome temporal or local differences between energy supply and demand. Energy storage is mostly used in two situations. One is the peak load problem. Using the energy storage method can play a role in regulating or buffering when the load change rate increases, and at the same time, it can also save the overall energy consumption. The other is the collection, conversion and storage of primary energy. The task of the energy storage device is to equalize energy production, that is, not only to reduce the peak of energy output, but also to fill the valley of output (ie fill the valley).

COOLNET --Energy storage


High costThe overall cost of the equipment is high.

Safety riskCross season temperature regulation requirements, battery overcharge, heating and combustion and other safety hazards.

Integrated designLack of integrated design.

Capacity expansionDifficult system expansion

COOLNET --High energy density

More energy with less weight and footprint


High efficiency

Efficient energy conversion system and high specific energy.

High safety

Advanced battery management system, automatic adjustment according to the external temperature, safe and reliable, wide temperature range.


The whole energy storage system is controlled and coordinated by a monitoring and management system.


The battery adopts modular design, which is convenient for installation, use and maintenance.

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