COOLNET-- Solutions Provided
With the population growing and aging, the state pays more and more attention to medical treatment. In the global Internet wave, the overall solution of the background data center is needed for internet medical treatment, internal business operation of the hospital, ward monitoring, linkage alarm and pharmacy management. The data center carries out comprehensive prevention and control of data processing and hospital monitoring

COOLNET -- Healthcare

  • Data processing problem

    High data processing requirements

  • Security

    High requirements for hospital internal monitoring system

  • Stability

    High requirements for equipment operation stability

  • Stability

    The environment in some areas that require data processing is unstable, and even some outlets or branches have a bad environment, and traditional data centers cannot be built.

COOLNET -- Customized services
Customize high-density micro modules, set core hot and cold channels, solve enterprise data interaction problems, and save the construction cost of data centers at various outlets of the enterprise

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