Nurturing Partnerships A Reflection on Cubicoan's Visit


We were honored to welcome Mr. Thilina from Cubicoan, accompanied by his wife, to our China oversea department on April 10th. Their visit was an invaluable opportunity to explore potential collaborations and showcase our cutting-edge solutions.


During their visit, we provided a comprehensive overview of our flagship products especially on micro data centers and precision air conditioning (PAC) units. We highlighted the features and benefits of these solutions, emphasizing their role in optimizing data center performance.


A highlight of the visit was the live demonstration of our micro data center solution. Mr. Thilina and his wife witnessed its innovative design and functionalities firsthand, underscoring its cost-effectiveness and space efficiency.


We also discussed our precision air conditioning units, showcasing their reliability and energy efficiency. Throughout the visit, our team provided personalized attention and addressed inquiries with dedication.


As we reflect on this visit, we are excited about the potential for future collaborations. We extend our gratitude to Mr. Thilina and his wife for their visit and look forward to the opportunity to collaborate further.

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