Russian Customers Tour Changsha Factory to Deepen Cooperation



 Recently, our company was honored to accompany a total of 14 of our Russian customers to visit our Changsha factory. The purpose of this visit is to allow customers to better understand our production lines and product quality, and to strengthen our cooperative relationship.


 First, we briefly introduced the company's development, products, projects, etc. in the conference room, and collected and responded to some questions from customers. During the visit to the factory, we arranged for professional technical personnel to accompany us throughout the process, and introduced in detail the factory's production process, quality control and other aspects as well as the introduction of new fluorine pump series products. Customers spoke highly of the factory's modern equipment and scientific management system, and expressed strong interest in our products.

 In terms of hospitality, we go to great lengths to provide thoughtful service to our customers. From catering, accommodation to local special experiences, we have arranged everything very well to ensure that customers can feel our enthusiasm and respect during their visit.


 This customer's visit is not only a full affirmation of the factory's productivity and management level, but also an important trust and support for the factory to continue to deepen cooperation with customers. We, Coolnet will take this customer inspection as an opportunity to further strengthen internal management and continuously improve product quality to better meet customer needs and expectations. At the same time, we will also seize this rare opportunity to continue to strengthen communication and contact with our customers, jointly explore more potential and opportunities for cooperation, and work together for common development.

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