COOLNET-- Solutions Provided
The convenience of transportation has always been a pillar of economic development. The construction of roads, railways, and the increasing number of users of aviation and airports has put great pressure on the data processing of the transportation industry. Especially in recent years, the epidemic situation requires a large amount of data support from the traffic management department. The ability to collect, store and process data requires a stable, safe and orderly data processing center. Even small railway networks need refrigeration equipment to protect their IT servers for data processing and maintain the normal operation of the transportation industry.

COOLNET -- Transportation

  • Data demand

    The demand for data from transportation industry is large and the distribution is relatively scattered which causes it may need more server rooms in different places.

  • Security

    The confidentiality requirements are strong, and the demand for data storage is huge

  • Stability

    The environment in some areas that require data processing is unstable, and even some outlets or branches have a bad environment, and traditional data centers cannot be built.

  • Management

    Some data centers built before have messy management, low machine utilization efficiency which should be replaced and updated now.

COOLNET -- Integrated cabinet
At the same time, in the small branch traffic management center, the use of micro-modules, that is to integrate modular rack UPS, power distribution, monitoring, and batteries in one cabinet, which can save at least 50% of the area and cost compared to traditional data centers. Moreover, it solves the stressful puzzle of space between each weak current.

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