What is the difference between precision air conditioning and ordinary comfort air conditioning in the computer room?


Computer rooms have more stringent requirements for temperature, humidity as well as cleanliness, therefore, precision air conditioning in computer rooms has great differences in design from traditional comfort air conditioners, which are expressed in the following five aspects.



1. Traditional comfort air conditioning is mainly designed for personnel, the air supply volume is small, the enthalpy difference of air supply is large, cooling and dehumidification at the same time; while the apparent heat in the server room accounts for more than 90% of all heat, which includes heat generation from the equipment itself, lighting heat, heat conduction through walls, ceilings, windows, floors, as well as sunlight radiation heat, penetrating wind and fresh air heat through the gaps. The amount of moisture generated by these heat generators is minimal, so the use of comfort air conditioning will inevitably cause the relative humidity in the room to be too low, and the accumulation of static electricity on the surface of the internal circuit components of the equipment, resulting in electrical discharge and thus damage to equipment, interference with data transmission and storage. At the same time, due to the cooling capacity (40% to 60%) consumed in dehumidification, the actual cooling equipment cooling capacity is reduced by a lot, greatly increasing energy consumption.

Machine room precision air conditioning in the design of strict control of evaporative pressure in the evaporator increases the air supply so that the evaporator surface temperature is higher than the air dew point temperature without dehumidification, the generated cooling capacity is all used to cool, improve efficiency and reduce the loss of moisture (air supply, air supply enthalpy difference is reduced).


2, comfort air conditioning air volume is small, low wind speed, only in the direction of the air supply local air circulation, can not form the overall air circulation in the room, the room cooling is not uniform so that there is a regional temperature difference in the room, the direction of the air supply area temperature is low, the temperature of other areas is high, heat generating equipment due to the different placement and local heat accumulation, resulting in equipment overheating damage.

The air supply volume of precision air conditioning, a high number of air changes in the room (usually 30 to 60 times/hour), the entire room can form the overall airflow cycle so that all equipment in the room can be cooled on average.


3. Traditional comfort air conditioning, due to the small volume of air supply, the number of air changes is small, the air in the room can not ensure that there is a high enough flow rate to bring dust back to the filter, and the deposition of equipment inside the room, the equipment itself has a negative impact. And general comfort air conditioning units have poor filtration performance, and can not meet the purification requirements of the computer.

The use of precision air conditioning air volume, air circulation, and because of the unique air filter, can filter out the dust in the air in a timely and efficient manner to maintain the cleanliness of the room.


4. Because most of the electronic equipment in the server room is running continuously and working for a long time, it is required that the precision air conditioner in the server room can be designed to run continuously all year round with a large load and maintain high reliability, and Schneider Ulli special air conditioner can fully meet the various needs of users. Comfortable air conditioning is difficult to meet the requirements, especially in winter, the computer room because of its good sealing and heat generating equipment, still needs the normal refrigeration work of the air conditioning unit, at this time, the general comfort of the air conditioning because of the low outdoor condensing pressure has been difficult to work properly, the precision air conditioning room through the controlled outdoor condenser, can still normally ensure that the refrigeration cycle work.


5, precision air conditioning is generally equipped with a special humidification system, high-efficiency dehumidification system, and electric heating compensation system, through the microprocessor, according to the data returned by the sensors can accurately control the temperature and humidity in the room. In contrast, the comfort air conditioning is generally not equipped with a humidification system, only controlling the temperature. Lower precision, humidity is more difficult to control, and can not meet the needs of the equipment in the server room.
In summary, room precision air conditioning and comfort air conditioning the product design there are significant differences between the two for different purposes and designs, and can not be used interchangeably.

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