Why Your Data Center Should Have PDUs Now


The world is going digital more than ever before, spurred on by the pandemic, increasingly digital processes, and the Internet of Things. That means more data has been generated than ever before. This endless demand for data means the global data center market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 7.5% from 2022-2032. Thus, optimizing data center uptime and resilience is becoming more critical. But how can data center and server room admins do that?
The answer is simple: with a PDU, or power distribution unit.


1. Resilience and Uptime

Accidents can and do happen, including in data centers and server rooms. Still, your data is critical and shouldn’t have to be subject to being lost in power surges, equipment failure, or even a plug accidentally coming loose. The right PDU solution has an answer for all of those issues.

Take, for example, a potential power surge: a PDU such as the PG98330 has a built-in hydraulic-magnetic circuit breaker that can automatically switch off electricity and protect connected devices from becoming overloaded or damaged, all the while maintaining stable power distribution.

This device also has 30 port outlets that are capable of running at higher voltages, deliver power connected equipment in less than 10 seconds once plugged in, and highly accurate kWh energy usage data for improved energy tracking.

The Coolnet 3-Phase Intelligent PDU (PG98330 / PG98230) meets the increasing demand for power to high-density IT devices in server rooms and data centers.

In addition to the uptime offered by the PDU’s built-in hydraulic-magnetic circuit breaker, a PDU can also connect to software such as eco DC. This Web-based GUI lets IT admins remotely access power distribution, energy, and environmental data from PDUs and connected devices anytime, anywhere.


2. Power-saving

The PDU’s energy-saving relay, a subtype of electromagnetic switch, allows data center and server room admins to control large amounts of current flow. This relay lowers energy consumption in the rack by 131.4 kWh annually per 30-outlet PDU unit compared to PDUs without these types of relays. Using an energy-saving relay also has the knock-on effect of reduced CO2 emissions, reduced electricity expenses, and lower annual carbon taxes to pay.

Not to be outdone, these relays can maintain uninterrupted power distribution if a failure occurs, meaning servers stay up and running.
In short, 3-phase can more efficiently generate, transfer, and distribute electricity to save on energy costs.

PDUs with energy-saving relays, such as the Coolnet PG series of PDUs, can save up to 131.4 kWh in power consumption annually per 30-outlet PDU unit.


3. Space-saving

A 3-phase PDU unit such as the PG98330 can connect up to 64 PDU connections via LAN port through cascading, saving on the space and cost on installing extra network switches and cables. This in turn spares more space to incorporate more high-performance computing IT equipment.

In addition, this type of PDU features a slim design with a width of just 56mm, which means that admins can mount two PDUs in a 0U rack housing, effectively doubling the amount of devices they can deploy in a rack.

A 30-outlet PDU with a mere 56mm-width design allows for maximum expansion and installation of two PDUs in a 0U rack housing.


4. Optimizing Sustainability in Data Centers and Server Rooms

Coolnet PDU solutions include:

    • Basic PDUs
    • Basic Metered PDUs
    • Metered PDUs
    • Metered-Ready PDUs
    • Switched PDUs
    • Outlet-Metered PDUs
    • Outlet-Metered-Switched PDUs


In addition to PDU units, Coolnet also offers IP Control Boxes for outlet switching and Energy Boxes for intelligent power monitoring. Other data center and server room solutions include:

  • Professional Online UPS
  • Standing Network Racks

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