Data center for Satellite Solutions in Singapore


Project Background
Web Media founded in 2000 and headquartered in Singapore, is a global company that specializes in providing satellite, broadcast, fixed, and wireless telecommunication infrastructure, software solutions, and internet services. The demand for data storage in their own data center computer room is getting higher and higher with the growth of the business.


Project Configuration
COOLNET provides CyberMaster series precision air conditioning solutions, configured with 15 units of 70KW Precision air conditioners.


Project Summary
In order to meet existing data center load and redundancy needs for future business development, and to meet customer requirements for energy saving and stability and security in the computer room, we are customer-centric and aim to improve customer satisfaction, comprehensively consider and provide Cybermaster series data center cooling solution with N+1 redundancy, strives to provide customers and partners with the latest technology, stable and reliable, and cost-effective solutions.

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