FIJI Telecom Project on-Site Operation and Maintenance


Project information

Telecom Fiji Limited is one of the largest facilities-based providers of fixed line communication and networking services in Fiji. most local telecom stations apply household air conditioning to provide cooling, to replace existing household air conditioners with  Data center precision air conditioners to provide a safe and stable environment for telecom station facilities.


Project configuration

We provide high-quality, high-efficiency, and low-energy consumption room-level precision air conditioners, namely 20 sets 20KW, and 80 sets 45KW. Since it is located along the coast, our cooling condenser meets anti-corrosion requirements to guarantee the stable working of the unit.


Project results

According to the needs of customers, we provide on-site installation guidance and introduce relevant precautions for equipment installation and maintenance to customers.

 At present, our equipment has been installed and running. It has been highly praised by customers and they have reached an agreement with us for long-term cooperation in data center projects. Customer satisfaction is our goal.

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