Sinus-Dochi LLC Data Center Project in Mongolia


Project Background

Sinus-Dochi LLC is a leading HVAC service company in Mongolia, boasting a team of technical engineers who specialize in the field of refrigeration.  

We COOLNET collaborated with the client on a data center project to develop a comprehensive cooling system design solution for their facility.



Project Configuration

COOLNET provides high-quality In-Row precision air conditioning solutions with an inverter compressor and smart digital control system, ensuring optimal performance and high energy efficiency.



Project Summary 

Cool-Row Series in-row precision cooling system adopts row mounted design with air discharge from the front or side, which can bring the cooling closer to heat source, applied in hot and cold aisles, the airflow organization is further optimized, the overall PUE value of the computer room is reduced, and the cooling efficiency is improved. Configure with high quality world leading brand component --DC inverter compressor dynamically regulates output to improve cooling efficiency,  EC centrifugal fan, N+1 redundant design, and the air supply volume is automatically adjusted according to the load of the computer room. Smart control system to realize precise temperate control.  

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