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Base Station Precision Air Conditioning

Product introduction:
Coolnet Base Station Precision Air Conditioner is specially developed for the application in telecommunication industry including mobile phones, wireless computer networks and other wireless communications. The communication base station continuously generate heat during work which need precision air conditioning units to dissipate it promptly and efficiently. Coolnet Base Station Specialized precision air conditioner has the characteristics of large air volume, small enthalpy difference and high reliability. It can be used in various size of base stations and has been highly recognized by the industry.

High Efficiency

- High sensible heat ratio.

- Efficient EVO control system Pass energy saving certification.

- List of finalists for government energy-saving procurement.


High Accuracy

- Using a new generation of intelligent microcomputer.

- PID control technology to accurately control ambient temperature and humiditγ, to ensure temperature contol accuracy of ±0.5degree and humidity control accuracy ±3 percentage in computer room.

- Accurate operation of refrigeration, heating, dehumidification and humidification systems with innovative predictive control technology.


High Reliability

- Internationally renowned brand high-reliability compressor and fan system.

- Maintenance-free direct connection fan.

- Strictly verified by enthalpy difference laboratory.

- Passed CCC certification.


User Friendly

- The main components can be accessed and maintained in front of the unit.

- display is used to show the temperature, relative humidity, system operation, setpoints and alarms.

- Set points are stored in internal memory and will not be lost even in the event of a power outage.


Coolnet Base Station Precision Air Conditioner meets requirements in aspects of high efficiency & energy saving, various power supplies, environment friendly refrigerants, various installation conditions, extensive working scope and product safety, etc.

By integrating numerous advantages and latest technologies of current telecom air conditioners, the unit may provide the values exceeding expectations for the user.


Computer Room and Data Center (IDC).

Switch room and mobile room.

High-tech environment and laboratory.

Industrial Control Room.

5G communication base station.

Machining Equipment.

Standard testing room.

UPS and battery room.

Biochemical culture room.

Hospitals and Testing Rooms.

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