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Room Cooling Unit

Room Cooling Unit
  • Room Cooling Unit
  • Room Cooling Unit
  • Room Cooling Unit
Product introduction:

Cyber Master series large and medium-sized room-level precision air conditioners adopts international cutting-edge constant temperature and constant humidity technology to meet the increasing demand for ultra-efficient, large capacity precision cooling systems that deliver extremely quiet and accurate climate control for critical data centre applications.

The cooling capacity range of Precision Room Cooling System is 20-200kW,  Cyber Master is a versatile option to suit most precision cooling applications. There are a variety of air supply and return methods, which can be selected and matched according.

Room Cooling Unit Room Cooling Unit
Wide Cooling Capacity Range and Various Cooling System 20-200kW. Single circuit indoor unit,dual circuit indoor unit; Single circuit condenser,dual circuit condenser. Cooling system:DX(air cooled,water cooled) 20.5kW-102kW,CW(chilled water cooled)31.5kW-200kW, and Dual Cool (DX+CW)26.8kW-102kW.   Precise Temperature and Humidity Control Cyber Master has constant temperature and humidity function,humidity function, temperature control accuracy of ±1℃,relative humidity control accuracy of ± 5%. Temperature control accuracy can reach ±0.5℃and relative humidity control accuracy can reach±2% for laboratory, warehouse and so on.   High Adaptability Various air discharge choices including Downflow and Upflow and so on. Multiple monitoring interface. Suitable for various ambient temperature conditions. (Optional low temperature startup kits) Customized design available.   Intelligent Communication Function RS485 standard interface is compatible with Mosbus protocol.Through the communication interface, Cyber Master can be access to Dynamic environment monitoring monitoring, DCIM,BMS,remote monitoring system. Cyber Master can be equipped with a TCP/IP communication card for SNMP communication interface and direct access via network lP address.
Room Cooling Unit
Cyber Master precision air conditioning adopts modular structure design, this series of units have large cooling capacity which the range covers 20-200kW. Coolnet room cooling unit occupy a small area of the entire computer room, flexible layout, easy for maintenance,all maintenance work can be operated from front panel, suitable for computer room, data center, switching room and other computer room environment.
Room Cooling Unit
  • Computer Room and Data Center (IDC)
  • Switch room and mobile room
  • High-tech environment and laboratory
  • Industrial Control Room and Precision
  • Machining Equipment
  • Standard testing room and calibration center
  • UPS and battery room
  • Biochemical culture room
  • Hospitals and Testing Rooms
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