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Smart Rack Data Center

Product introduction:

I-Rack series integrated Rack data center is an innovative small and medium-sized data center solution product. Based on the design concept of "productization of the whole computer room", integrate the data room infrastructure: UPS, power supply and distribution, refrigeration, cabinets, wiring, monitoring and fire protection systems into a cabinet-level integrated product solution, providing IT equipment with safety, reliability and efficiency. Operation support and brand new operation experience. And according to the user's business expansion requirements, the system can be deployed flexibly




Integrated design, integrate UPS, battery, power distribution, air conditioning, monitoring, wiring, fire protection and other products in the cabinet, get rid of the traditional sub-item construction mode; modular design, unified interface of each component, fast on-site.



The cold and hot aisles at the front and rear of the cabinet are closed to improve the cooling efficiency of the air conditioner.

Inverter compressor, matching the load size, reducing the energy consumption of the whole machine.


Stable and Reliable

▪Emergency fan as emergency cooling.

▪The power supply adopts 2N architecture.

▪The ultra-wide voltage input operates stably, and has power protection functions such as phase sequence detection.

▪Low temperature components or long connecting pipe components can be selected to ensure reliable operation.


Inteligent management

One-stop after-sales service can deal with various equipment failures in a timely manner; standard dynamic monitoring system, providing various reports and data statistics, local and remote monitoring and management, and multi-point access to the upper management platform Unified supervision and support for diversified choices.


▪The easy-to-configure rack can be customized to meet the needs of any indoor environment.

▪The components are stocked in the area to ensure fast delivery and easy start-up.

▪A fully integrated solution can save hardware costs in addition to not requiring indoor cooling and maximizing network uptime.

▪Micro data centers provide enhanced physical security through powerful environmental controls.

▪Adopt DC inverter compressor and stepless speed regulating EC fan, which can run efficiently under load.


Business outlets (Industry like: telecommunications, finance, energy, radio and television, retail...)

Small enterprises Branches and networks of large enterprises, government, education, Healthcare Edge Data Center

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