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Customized Smart Power Distribution Units

Product introduction:

COOLNET Functional PDUs can be used to input AC or DC high power AC power, equipped with high power air switches, output single or multiway grouped sockets, one PDU can meet the needs of the entire cabinet power distribution equipment, custom vertical type installation 0U, does not occupy space, easy to install, safe, stable, beautiful appearance, and can be combined with a variety of modules. 

  • Improved data center management

Intelligent PDUs include features that aid with data center management, such as metering and remote capabilities.

  • Energy Monitoring Function

It can provide abundant functions such as energy usage, efficiency and environmental monitoring in data center etc. The input voltage and current of each circuit can be measured by intelligent PDU, and the usage of power can be calculated in watts or kilowatts. The total energy usage can be calculated, from which the operators of data center decide whether they need to add PDU or not.

  • Reduced energy consumption

Monitoring power consumption enables organizations to better gauge power usage. Devices can also remotely turn off outlets when not in use to save power.

  • Environmental Monitoring Function

Environmental monitoring and management can be carried out through the existing data center LAN by new generation of intelligent PDU. Intelligent PDU integrates multiple temperature and humidity/moisture sensors. Intelligent PDU can track environmental factors and issue warning timely. In addition, the administrator can also compare the environment data with the energy consumption data to confirm the energy consumption of the server, and inspect actual effect of the temperature control measures for inner rack.

  • PDU Access and Network Function

Intelligent PDU can be connected through the LAN form, and be flexibly managed through a Web browser or command line interface (CLI).lt makes the administrator easily access the data, for real-time monitoring.

  • Energy consumption data

Intelligent PDUs can monitor energy use and provide data on where and how energy is consumed.



Centralized Management and Data Analytic Statistics

Intelligent PDU can be managed and accessed uniformly by centralized management platform, realize group management, access right management, data report generation, micro environment prediction, etc for all the PDU within the data center.

Real-time power monitoring, automatic alarm protection

PDU can monitor power parameters such as power supply voltage, current, active power, reactive power and frequency in real time, which is convenient for users to master and manage various power equipment. 

Support remote control, convenient management
The PDU can be connected to the LAN or the Internet, and the user can remotely control the PDU through the computer, and query, connect, disconnect or restart the power supply of each device on the downlink port, completely breaking the constraints of distance and region.

Flexible policy management 

According to the usage of various electrical equipment, users can customize the configuration strategy. The product supports centralized management and automatic cycle control, manages several devices simultaneously in one interface.



Communication Industry

Security System

IDC Engine Room

Electric Power System

Track Traffic

Enterprise Small And Medium Data Center

Office Scene

Dispatch Center

COOLNET intelligent power distribution products are widely applied in the communication industries,Security system,IDC engine room,Electric power system,Track traffic,etc.They support security protection for the critical electronic equipment in computer room,information center,security monitor and control,and automated industrial productionline.They are also widely applied applied in the industry of office cabling,intelligent building etc.

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