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Product introduction:

Coolnet I-Container series Prefabricated integrated outdoor data center infrastructure solution, integrating power supply and distribution, Cooling, management, fire protection, lightning protection and grounding and other functions, is used to carry ICT equipment and provide an efficient, power-saving and reliable Environment Monitoring system. It is suitable for multiple industries and scenarios, and meets customers' requirements for rapid deployment, intelligent management, security and reliability of small outdoor communication network equipment rooms.

High power density: The power density of the container can be expanded by more than 400KW, saving more space and construction costs   Flexible expansion: On-demand configuration, which can meet the business expansion of the computer room in any period of the enterprise Energy saving and environmental protection: Low PUE, can save a lot of power resources, reduce carbon emissions.   Flexible deployment: No need to build new buildings, complete on-site installation in 1 day, plug and play   Ease of location: Unrestricted by climatic and geographical conditions, it can be deployed in difficult areas   Intelligent: Intelligent management system, 3D visual management of the whole facility Intelligent O&M, reducing O&M costs and improving resource utilization Near-end PAD management function and support for customized mobile APP management function, the computer room is unattended
• Can be customized according to customer's requirements. • Provide similar data center friendly operation environment. • Any hardware manufacturers products can be integrated. • Global maintenance standard integration. • Extensible modular solution that allows to expand in the future. • Focus on security (anti invasion, waterproof, fire prevention, and electromagnetic, etc.). • Energy efficiency (PUE according to design will be as low as 1.2).
Enterprise: Small Data Center • Government: Smart City, Safe City Data Center • Education: University/Research Institute Data Center • Energy: Production/Survey On-Site Data Centers • Finance: Backup data centers • Transportation: power supply and distribution in airport/railway/port without room • Operator: small IT room, small IDC, DR room and edge DC
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