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Laboratory High Precision Air Conditioning Units

Product introduction:

Coolnet Cyber Master HP Series high-precision Lab air conditioner is developed to meet the high-precision temperature and humidity requirements in special environments. The temperature control accuracy reaches ±0.2°C, and the humidity control accuracy reaches ±2%. It can be widely used in precision instrument laboratories, textile workshops, paper workshops, tobacco companies, archives, etc.



High Reliability
  • Use well-known brand components, safe and reliable;
  • Firm refrigeration system to ensure stable operation of the unit;
  • Safe electrical system, electrical design conforms to national standards, no leakage and short circuit;
  • The cooling capacity can be adjusted steplessly to save energy;
Low Energy Consumption
  • Absolute humidity control, reduce over-dehumidification and overhumidification energy consumption;
  • Use inverter compressors, EC fans, electronic expansion valves and smart controllers;
  • All components can be automatically adjusted according to the detected load change;


Excellent control logic.  Accurate, safe and energy-saving variable frequency control logic ensures that the target ambient temperature control accuracy reaches ± 0-2°C, and the humidity control accuracy reaches ± 2%. Quick response.  Real-time monitoring of environmental temperature and humidity changes, quickly adjust the output of cooling, heating, humidification, and dehumidification to adapt to the load demand. High quality accessories.  The unit adopts high-quality components such as page flow inverter compressor, EC fan, electronic expansion valve, SCR electric heating, etc. to ensure the stable performance of the whole machine.


  • High-tech environment and laboratory
  • Precision laboratory
  • Textile workshop
  • Paper workshop
  • Tobacco workshop
  • Hospitals and Testing Rooms
  • Archives

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