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Modular Data Center Architecture Micro Data Center

Product introduction:

Relying on the rich experience in the data center, we launch cabinet-level micro data center solutions, and integrate UPS power supply and distribution,Cooling, cabinets, wiring, monitoring and fire protection systems. providing safe, reliable and efficient operation support for IT equipment, realize one-stop deployment and unified operation and maintenance management of the data room, and create a cabinet-based micro data center.



1.All-in-one: Integrated Rack, Air conditioner, UPS, PDU, Monitoring, site management etc.

2.Rapid deployment: Plug in and play without engineering survey

3.Intelligent, visual, and cloud management

4.Accurately refrigerated, energy-saving and highly efficient

5.Modularization: UPS + Battery, can be expanded if necessary

6.Flexible configuration of 1-10

7.The rack-level data center only occupies 0.5m2 footprint, and saves space by at least 50%

8.Air conditioners can automatically start when power is supplied, eliminating the risk of overheat. Batteries can intelligently power off if overheating, preventing fires

9.Rapid deployment,Plug in and play without engineering survey



Area saving

integrated design, covering an area of more than 40% less than traditional construction mode;Saving supporting investment: fully enclosed design, can be installed in various environments (computer room, utility room, office, etc.), without special investment in the construction of computer room and supporting facilities.


Reduce costs

With micro data centers, businesses don't have to concentrate upfront capital expenditures on traditional server hardware. Compared to enterprise data centers, the operating expenses of micro data centers are much lower. Additionally, the distance between client and server computers reduces the higher power costs associated with transferring computations to centralized data centers.



The reliable UPS power supply and distribution system continuously escorts IT equipment, and can also customize a highly reliable system architecture that meets the national standard A and B standards to meet the availability requirements of different users.



Reserve an external emergency power supply interface, which can supply power to the internal equipment through the external power supply system when the power is off.



The box has the characteristics of dust-proof, sun-proof and rain-proof, and is fully adapted to the outdoor environment.The integrated intelligent cabinet of the data center computer room improves the reliability of the system through intelligent and integrated monitoring, greatly facilitates the operation and maintenance of the data center computer room, and reduces the burden of maintenance personnel.

  • Edge Computing
  • Smart facilities deploying IoT devices and/or running Artificial Intelligence (AI), Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR), Automation, etc.
  • As a computing node in remote and branch offices
  • Industry like:telecommunications,finance,energy,radio and television,retail....
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