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50 - 70kw Precision Air Handling Units For High Tech Environment

Product introduction:

Computer room precision air conditioners are widely used in high-precision environments such as computer rooms, program-controlled switch rooms, satellite mobile communication stations, large medical equipment rooms, laboratories, test rooms, and precision electronic instrument production workshops. Various indicators such as cleanliness and airflow distribution have high requirements, which must be guaranteed by special computer room precision air-conditioning equipment that operates safely and reliably 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.



  • The same external pressure requirement. The inner fan can be operated with stepless speed regulation, and the temperature difference between the supply and return air, the temperature of the return air and the temperature of the outlet air can be selected for control.
  • Standard EEV dual electronic expansion valve, low-load dehumidification
  • Large area V-shaped evaporator, high air volume, high sensible heat ratio
  • Large humidification capacity, suitable for poor water quality, low maintenance
  • Frequency conversion series units are equipped with oil separator as standard
  • The power consumption per 1kg/h of humidification should not exceed 0.8kW to achieve energy-saving operation.


High reliability

  • Providing Constant temperature & humidity, Cleanliness environment to ensure the main equipment run in good condition.
  • All-day running design can guarantee the main equipment safe operation.
  • All parts had passed severe test and confirmed stable and reliable before delivery.

High energy efficiency

  • Sensible heat ratio is up to 91%.
  • Compressor energy efficiency ratio is over 3.1, and chilled water
  • cooled unit’s cooling energy efficiency is larger than 25.
  • The optimal and high efficiency compressor and fans.


  • Computer Room and Data Center (IDC)
  • Switch room and mobile room
  • High-tech environment and laboratory
  • Industrial Control Room and Precision
  • Machining Equipment
  • Standard testing room and calibration center
  • UPS and battery room
  • Biochemical culture room
  • Hospitals and Testing Rooms

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