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CN-UR Series Rack Type 1-10KVA

CN-UR Series Rack Type 1-10KVA
  • CN-UR Series Rack Type 1-10KVA
  • CN-UR Series Rack Type 1-10KVA
Product introduction:

CN-UR series is based on online double conversion technology, which is an ideal power supply solution for small capacity scenarios, which can completely eliminate all kinds of power grid problems. CN- UR series covers a capacity range of 1-10kVA, rack-to-tower compatibility, and efficiency up to 95%.

CN-UR Series Rack Type 1-10KVA CN-UR Series Rack Type 1-10KVA
▪Pure double conversion technology ▪LCD screen auto-rotate (10K-30K models only) ▪DSP technology guarantees high performance ▪Output power factor 1.0 ▪Power factor correction ▪50 Hz/60Hz inverter mode ▪Energy saving working mode (ECO) ▪Emergency shutdown function (EPO) ▪Support generator ▪Support two inputs ▪3-stage charging design ▪Optimize battery performance ▪Adjustable number of batteries ▪Suitable for long-term operation ▪Support shared battery pack ▪Optional isolation transformer ▪Optional parallel operation ▪SNMP+USB+RS-232 multiple communication ▪Power walk-in function
CN-UR Series Rack Type 1-10KVA
Coolnet CN-UR series rack type UPS is the double transformation on-line technology, support more than 3 sets parallel work, and support the function of sharing battery pack when in parallel mode; Online UPS can provide the optimal power environment for the load. Regardless of voltage accuracy, input noise filtering, zero switching time and compatible with the standard terms of service cabinet, Rack UPS is the best choice.
CN-UR Series Rack Type 1-10KVA
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