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Micro Data Center Cabinets With Cooling And Power Systems

Product introduction:

The integrated smart cabinet deeply integrates data center infrastructure products, including UPS, power distribution, refrigeration, cabinets, fire protection and other subsystems. The monitoring system implements overall management of the entire system and simplifies the design and construction process. Compared with ordinary computer rooms, the integrated cabinet can shorten the construction period, improve the compatibility between systems, and maximize the space utilization of the user computer room.



1.Hihg intergrated: Integrated Rack, Air conditioner, UPS, PDU, Monitoring, site management etc.

2.Rapid deployment: Plug in and play without engineering survey

3.Intelligent, visual, and cloud management

4.Accurately refrigerated, energy-saving and highly efficient

5.Modularization: UPS + Battery, can be expanded if necessary

6.Reliable: Air conditioners can automatically start when power is supplied, eliminating the risk of overheat. Batteries can intelligently power off if overheating, preventing fires

7.Efficient: The rack-level data center only occupies 0.5m2 footprint, and saves space by at least 50%



  • Management

The cabinet has power and environment monitoring functions, which can realize and upload alarms such as power failure, power failure, access control, temperature and humidity, smoke, water immersion, and battery voltage.


  • Safety

There is a backup battery inside the smart cabinet. In the event of a power failure, the smart lock can stand by for one month, and the lock can be unlocked normally during the period.


  • Function

Reserve an external emergency power supply interface, which can supply power to the internal equipment through the external power supply system when the power is off.


  • Durability

The box has the characteristics of dust-proof, sun-proof and rain-proof, and is fully adapted to the outdoor environment.

The integrated intelligent cabinet of the data center computer room improves the reliability of the system through intelligent and integrated monitoring, greatly facilitates the operation and maintenance of the data center computer room, and reduces the burden of maintenance personnel.


  • Integration

The data center infrastructure products are deeply integrated, including UPS, power distribution, refrigeration, cabinets, monitoring, fire protection and other subsystems. All subsystems are monitored through the monitoring system.
Realize overall management, build an integrated product, simplify the design, procurement and construction process.




  • Bussiness outlets,industry like:telecommunications\finance\energy\radio and television\retail...
  • Small enterprises
  • Branches and networks of large enterprises\goverment\education
  • Healthcare
  • Edge data center

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