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CN-UM Series Modular UPS (10-400KVA)

Product introduction:

CN-UM series power system structure is extremely flexible, the concept of power modular designing can Be easily removed at runtime and installed without affecting system operation and output, implement investment planning with the need to expand, allowing users to achieve dynamic growth with business development, it saves customer's costs for initial equipment purchasing and future expansion. When user estimated UPS capacity, often underestimated or high expected, CN-UM Series power can solve the above problems effectively, help user to carry out construction and investment in phase under the condition that future development direction is not clear. When users want to add load to the UPS, only adding the required number of modules for expansion.



Modular System The whole system is a modular structure, composed of 1 to 10 modules, the maximum single power module is 40KW. Dual DSP controller of power module, power module independent control, no single point of failure risk.   Capacity Flexible Configuration The parallel circulation of the whole system is small, which can realize 4 parallel online expansion. The UPS power module supports hot swapping, which makes capacity expansion and upgrade extremely simple.   Efficient & Saving Green energy saving and environmental protection design, output power factor = 1, input harmonic current < 3%, the overall efficiency rate>96%. Intelligent battery management, automatic battery maintenance, prolong service life.   Safety and Stability The core control adopts advanced DSP and all-digital technology, and the system stability is higher. Super output overload and short-circuit capability to ensure system stability and system safety under extreme conditions.


• All the positive maintenance, modular UPS support way up and down into the line, convenient user terminal. • System cabinet internal integrated distribution system, installation is convenient and save the user’s investment. • Support parallel sharing function of battery pack. • Super grid adaptability and load adaptability and strong load capacity. • UPS system modular design, N + X redundancy, high redundant reliability, long MTBF.


Data centers, computer rooms. ISP server, telecommunications. Finance, securities, transportation. Taxation, medical systems, etc.

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