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Precision Air Cooling System 90.5 KW For Data Processing Centers

Product introduction:

With the improvement of electrical equipment integration degree, the increasing of equipment unit volume power density, also more and more strict control of the indoor temperature, room temperature control equipment, to ensure good indoor environment is becoming more and more important to the equipment room dedicated air cooling conditioning units. Precision air cooling systems have 24"365 full-year refrigeration, can reduce the indoor temperature effectively, and can introduce outdoor air to replace the wind, reduce the refrigeration system on time, according to the setting of indoor temperature and outdoor natural temperature difference between air section.



  • High reliability, high energy saving rate, high adaptability, low cost throughout life
  • The air conditioning unit adopts a modular design. The compressor and evaporator of a refrigeration system are in the same module. There is no need to cut and weld copper pipes when disassembling the transport and handling module.
  • The fan system saves more than 30% energy than conventional air conditioning units, and meets the needs of different external pressures.
  • The internal fan can be operated in stepless speed regulation, and the temperature difference of the return air, the temperature of the return air, and the temperature of the outlet air can be selected for control.
  • iFreecooling fluorine pump double cycle
  • Group control(zone temperature control) can be optional
  • Optional supply air (need to pull out) control, return air can be controlled.
  • Optional remote monitoring module can realize remote information viewing and remote reading of unit parameters and alarms through web pages, applets, and APPs, intelligent operation and maintenance


High reliability

  • Providing Constant temperature & humidity, Cleanliness environment to ensure the main equipment run in good condition.
  • All-day running design can guarantee the main equipment safe operation.
  • All parts had passed severe test and confirmed stable and reliable before delivery.

High energy efficiency

  • Sensible heat ratio is up to 91%.
  • Compressor energy efficiency ratio is over 3.1, and chilled water
  • cooled unit’s cooling energy efficiency is larger than 25.
  • The optimal and high efficiency compressor and fans.


  • Computer Room and Data Center (IDC)
  • Switch room and mobile room
  • High-tech environment and laboratory
  • Industrial Control Room and Precision
  • Machining Equipment
  • Standard testing room and calibration center
  • UPS and battery room
  • Biochemical culture room
  • Hospitals and Testing Rooms

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