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Data Center Precision Air Conditioning

Data Center Precision Air Conditioning
  • Data Center Precision Air Conditioning
  • Data Center Precision Air Conditioning
  • Data Center Precision Air Conditioning
Product introduction:

Precision air conditioner refers to a special air conditioner that can meet the operating conditions of the computer room, or can provide a constant temperature and humidity environment for the equipment. Under normal circumstances, in the computer room and the environment with many precision instruments and equipment, if the temperature and humidity are not properly controlled, it will increase the loss of the enterprise and shorten the service life of the equipment.

Precision Air Cooling System 90.5 KW For Data Processing Centers Precision Air Cooling System 90.5 KW For Data Processing Centers

Wide Cooling Capacity Range and Various Cooling System


Single circuit indoor unit,dual circuit indoor unit; Single circuit condenser,dual circuit condenser.

Cooling system:DX(air cooled,water cooled) 20.5kW-102kW,CW(chilled water cooled)31.5kW-200kW, and Dual Cool (DX+CW)26.8kW-102kW.


Precise Temperature and Humidity Control

Cyber Master has constant temperature and humidity function,humidity function, temperature control accuracy of ±1℃,relative humidity control accuracy of ± 5%.

Temperature control accuracy can reach ±0.5℃and relative humidity control accuracy can reach±2% for laboratory, warehouse and so on.


High Adaptability

Various air discharge choices including Downflow and Upflow and so on.

Multiple monitoring interface.

Suitable for various ambient temperature conditions. (Optional low temperature startup kits)

Customized design available.

Data Center Precision Air Conditioning

Precise and reliable

Careful design, strict laboratory testing and comprehensive quality control ensure the unit has excellent reliability;The unit uses parts of world-renowned brands to ensure the high reliability and service life of the whole machine.
Energy saving and high efficiency

Energy saving and high efficiency

Save a lot of energy consumption in a reasonable and feasible way, and make full use of natural resources;
The unit uses a high-efficiency fan and a fully enclosed compressor system to reduce operating costs and always pay attention to energy efficiency.

Multiple air supply

The air supply method of the air-conditioned room depends on the source and distribution characteristics of the heat in the room. According to the dense arrangement of equipment in the computer room, the number of cables and bridges, and the wiring method, the air supply method of the air conditioner is divided into lower delivery, upper return, top feed back, top feed side back, side feed side back.

Static pressure box air supply

The air conditioner in the computer room usually does not use pipes, but uses the space at the lower part of the raised floor or the upper part of the ceiling as the return air of the static pressure box. static pressure is equal.

Data Center Precision Air Conditioning
  • Computer Room and Data Center (IDC)
  • Switch room and mobile room
  • High-tech environment and laboratory
  • Industrial Control Room and Precision
  • Machining Equipment
  • Standard testing room and calibration center
  • UPS and battery room
  • Biochemical culture room
  • Hospitals and Testing Rooms
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