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3 Phase Power Distribution Unit

Product introduction:

PDU is a product designed to provide power distribution for cabinet-mounted electrical equipment. It has a variety of series specifications with different functions, installation methods and different plug-in combinations, and can provide suitable rack-mounted power distribution solutions for different power environments. plan. The application of PDU can make the power distribution in the cabinet more orderly, reliable, safe, professional and beautiful, and make the maintenance of the power supply in the cabinet more convenient and reliable.



Built-in web server; through a web browser, the real-time power consumption of the distributor can be directly detected

When a power event occurs, the system administrator can be notified through Email Traps for processing

Provide central control software, user-friendly operation interface, easy monitoring

Can manage the power usage of a large number of distributors at the same time

Provide SNMP MIB, the network management system can directly integrate and monitor

Simultaneously detect the power consumption of multiple intelligent power distributors

Group function, administrators can define and classify by themselves, which is convenient for management

Provide power consumption icon, which can be viewed by day, month, or self-defined way

When a power accident occurs, emails can be sent to the account designated by Trap



1. Increased Efficiency:

Data center PDUs provide increased efficiency by allowing for the monitoring and management of power consumption in a data center. This helps to reduce energy costs and improve operational efficiency.

2. Improved Safety:

Data center PDUs help to ensure that all components in the data center are operating safely and efficiently, reducing the risk of fire or other safety hazards.

3. Enhanced Reliability:

Data center PDUs provide enhanced reliability by providing redundant power sources and ensuring that all components are operating within their specified power requirements. This helps to reduce downtime and improve system uptime. 

4. Improved Monitoring:

Data center PDUs allow for real-time monitoring of power consumption, allowing for better control over the data center environment and helping to identify potential problems before they become critical issues.


Communication Industry

Security System

IDC Engine Room

Electric Power System

Track Traffic

Enterprise Small And Medium Data Center

Office Scene

Dispatch Center

COOLNET intelligent power distribution products are widely applied in the communication industries,Security system,IDC engine room,Electric power system,Track traffic,etc.They support security protection for the critical electronic equipment in computer room,information center,security monitor and control,and automated industrial productionline.They are also widely applied applied in the industry of office cabling,intelligent building etc.

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