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5G Base Station Power Supply

5G Base Station Power Supply
  • 5G Base Station Power Supply
  • 5G Base Station Power Supply
  • 5G Base Station Power Supply
Product introduction:

COOLNET 5G Base Station Power Supply refers to Integrated outdoor power cabinet which is a system that integrates AC input power distribution, lightning protection unit, switch rectifier, battery pack, DC output power distribution unit, FSU and outdoor integrated chassis.
The system monitoring module has the functions of battery management and power system monitoring. It can be equipped with appropriate sensors to realize environmental monitoring, and provide multiple sets of backup monitoring quantities. It can provide RS485 communication interface, which is convenient for remote monitoring and unattended operation.

5G Base Station Power Supply 5G Base Station Power Supply
Intelligent Management 1.Perfect battery management with LVLD+LVBD functions: temperature compensation, automatic equalization and floating charge control, automatic voltage regulation, battery capacity calculation, online battery testing, etc. 2.Communication interfaces RS485/dry contact AC and DC side lightning protection design for thunderstorm areas. 3.Optional APP to realize remote meter reading function. 4.Built-in wireless monitoring unit to realize NB-IOT access to each user’s monitoring network.   Advanced Technology 1.Active power factor compensation technology: input power factor 0.99. 2.Wide input voltage range: AC input voltage 90~290V Full-bridge soft switching technology: full-load efficiency ≥ 95%. 3.Wide working temperature : -40℃~55℃. 4.Ultra low radiation and advanced EMC design. 5.Safety standards EN60950 and GB4943.   Flexible Design 1.Output 48VDC and 280VDC modules for selection. 2.IP65 to meet the application of wall hanging, pole holding, angle steel erection, etc., and supports installation with flag mounting, flat mounting, and floor mounting. 3.Modular design for easy installation, simple operation and maintenance. 4.LiFePo4 battery pack and battery expansion connector reserved for easy expansion.
5G Base Station Power Supply
Indoor and outdoor designs are available for various scenarios. Integrated structure design, simple and convenient installation, save space. Modular structure is adopted. The power module, battery pack, power distribution unit and cooling system all adopt modular structure, which can realize fast installation and maintenance, and is convenient to use.
5G Base Station Power Supply
5G base station. Small program control switch. Access network, transmission equipment. Mobile communication. Satellite communication ground station. microwave communication power equipment.
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