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  • All In One Data Center Solutions Integrated Cabinet
Product introduction:

Coolnet micro data centers are complete IT solutions that combine power, cooling, security, and monitoring in an enclosed rack system. A smaller footprint allows for flexible installation and our Local Edge Configurator simplifies deployment by helping you rapidly optimize edge computing solutions. Supported by Coolnet IT Software & Services, users can remotely monitor and manage for more informed, data-driven decisions.

All In One Data Center Solutions Integrated Cabinet All In One Data Center Solutions Integrated Cabinet


(1) power distribution system, UPS system, monitoring system integration.

(2) single system configuration color touch screen, can locally display all system parameters, monitoring information and alarm records, etc.

(3) network monitoring and management, access to third-party monitoring systems, remote browsing monitoring and management.

(4) System integration function

The integrated cabinet deeply integrates data center infrastructure products, including UPS, power distribution, refrigeration, cabinets, fire protection and other systems, and achieves integrated management of all systems through the monitoring system.

(5) high availability features

Reliable UPS power distribution system, constantly escorting for IT equipment, while configured with a precision cooling system to protect the operating environment of IT equipment, with dynamic loop monitoring system to monitor the working status of equipment in real time. The use of fully sealed design, can be applied in a variety of harsh indoor environments, without the need to set up a separate server room.

Micro Data Centers With PAC Units Edge Computing Micro Data Center Cabinets With Cooling And Power Systems

(1) IT integration function

In a nutshell, that is, drawing on the design concept of blade servers, modular core switches, modular firewalls and other products, the network system, host system, storage system, security system and other systems for a high degree of integration and integration, and "into" an integrated cabinet, unified management, power supply and heat dissipation.

(2) real-time monitoring and control of the cabinet equipment cabin temperature and humidity conditions, to provide a good operating environment for the cabinet equipment.

(3) Cabinet-specific industrial air conditioning refrigeration, IP54 non-condensing design, maximum continuous working time of 120,000 hours.

(4) semiconductor heating ceramic heating, PTC thermistor constant temperature heating to ensure safe heating.

(5) double-layer thermal insulation wall plate and cabinet door design, effectively reduce the thermal conductivity of the cabinet, reducing the energy required for constant temperature.

(6) integrated electronic access control system, with the corresponding authority of the staff can open the cabinet door with IC card or password.

(7) according to the actual application requirements can be optional smoke monitoring, power supply monitoring, cabinet lighting, Internet remote monitoring, cell phone short message alarm and other functions.

(8) intelligent temperature regulation: when the cabinet temperature is higher than the normal value when the cabinet automatically starts the fan for heat exhaust.

(9) power supply monitoring: monitoring the power supply condition of the cabinet, and real-time display of current and voltage values.

(10) electronic access control: with operating authority of the management personnel can use IC card or enter the correct password to open the cabinet door.

(11) remote centralized control: the environment and power system parameters of several to hundreds of cabinets installed in different locations can be centrally displayed on a remote computer through the network.

Micro Data Center Cabinets With Cooling And Power Systems


Coolnet integrated cabinet solution is an integrated solution for infrastructure construction customized for customers who have the need to rapidly build and rapidly upgrade micro and small data centers such as bank branches, broadband network points, and small and medium-sized enterprises. The solution can provide users with the data center infrastructure needed to quickly build or renovate suitable for the headquarters, and can meet the information construction needs of the rapid addition and renovation of user outlets.

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