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Base Station Doorway Cabinet Air Conditioning

Product introduction:


Cabinet air conditioning is a device that can regulate the temperature, relative humidity, and flow rate of the air inside the electrical control cabinet. The difference between cabinet air conditioning and ordinary air conditioning is the difference in structure, the object served and the environment used.


● Completely independent closed air circulation inside and outside to prevent dust, oil mist, and moisture from entering the interior of the electrical box.
●Effective control of temperature and humidity inside the electrical box to prevent failure of electrical components. Humidity inside the box can be controlled at about RH40%.
●The controller is easy to operate and the temperature setting can be adjusted as needed.
●Provides multiple protection functions and passive alarm terminals to transmit fault signals to the CNC control system of the machine tool.
●The product with a heating function adopts an advanced PTC heating element, which automatically heats up in low-temperature environments and has good self-control temperature characteristics.
●Product installation methods are wall-mounted, embedded, top-mounted, and door-mounted, with various specifications available for each installation method.



Cabinet air conditioner services are mainly electrical, and mechanical equipment.
Electrical equipment in the work of the role of the current will usually heat, and high temperatures will affect the service life and reliability of electrical components. It will prematurely aging insulation devices or reduce the insulation value, so that part of the conductor resistance becomes large, heated, and then burned. Usually, electrical components are marked with the maximum use temperature, or different temperatures corresponding to different performances.
Cabinet air conditioners serve the object's electrical, electronic, or mechanical components, rather than people, so its set temperature can be set very high, between 30 ℃ ~ 45 ℃, the general default temperature of 35 ℃, and electrical components on the wind speed, noise does not require the larger air circulation in the cabinet can reduce the local heat island phenomenon of electrical components, help electrical components of heat dissipation. In addition to outdoor cabinets, the vast majority of other cabinets are installed indoors, and part of the production environment is more complex, with high temperature, high humidity, high dust, and even oil or corrosive gases and other harsh conditions exist. 



Cabinet air conditioners are specially designed for applications in the communications field, such as solving the heat dissipation problems of outdoor communication cabinets, wireless outdoor cabinet base stations, battery cabinets, etc. It is mainly used to take away the heat issued by the electrical components consuming electrical energy, providing an ideal temperature and humidity environment inside various cabinets, while isolating the dust and corrosive gases in the external environment, prolonging the service life of electrical components and improving the reliability of machine system operation. The products are suitable for electrical control boxes, communication, communication equipment, data processing boxes, and heavy motor equipment control boxes, etc.

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