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Micro Data Centers All In One Solutions

Micro Data Centers All In One Solutions
  • Micro Data Centers All In One Solutions
  • Micro Data Centers All In One Solutions
  • Micro Data Centers All In One Solutions
Product introduction:

With the advent of the big data era, industries such as cloud computing, mobile internet, and the Internet of Things are booming. The scale of data centers continues to increase and shows a trend of polarization. There are more and more micro data centers at the end. However, due to differences in geography, environment, and architecture, the scattered micro data centers have been facing the dilemma of difficulty in unified planning, construction, and operation and maintenance management, which has brought great challenges to the rapid launch of business.

Micro Data Centers With PAC Units Edge Computing

1.High integrated: Integrated Rack, Air conditioner, UPS, PDU, Monitoring, site management etc.

2.Easy installed: Plug in and play without engineering

3.Intelligent, visual, and cloud management

4.Accurately refrigerated, energy-saving and highly efficient

5.Modularization: UPS + Battery, can be expanded if necessary

Micro Data Center Cabinets With Cooling And Power Systems Micro Data Centers With PAC Units Edge Computing


  • 3KVA UPS backup power for 5min, built-in ATS;
  • 24U cabinet, available space 16U, dual intelligent PDU, intelligent lock;
  • Unique air duct design, large air volume EC fan;
  • The whole machine was packed and tested for land transportation for a total of 4,400 kilometers without any damage;
  • Full load noise 55 decibels;
  • With micro data centers, businesses don't have to concentrate upfront capital expenditures on traditional server hardware. Compared to enterprise data centers, the operating expenses of micro data centers are much lower. Additionally, the distance between client and server computers reduces the higher power costs associated with transferring computations to centralized data centers;
  • Local computing. Micro data centers reduce the geographic distance between client and server computers. The reduced proximity greatly reduces latency;
  • Small footprint. Compared to large data centers, micro data centers have much lower carbon emissions;
  • Greater elasticity. Traditional data centers are often at risk of service disruption if priority lines are damaged. Even with network redundancy in place, traditional data centers will struggle to compete with the options of micro data centers in the event of a failure. Micro data centers may have dozens of failover strategies;
  • A flexible infrastructure approach. Depending on demand, businesses can choose to scale their data needs up or down. The scalability of a micro data center makes it easy to align with enterprise goals.
Micro Data Center Cabinets With Cooling And Power Systems


  • Edge Computing
  • Smart facilities deploying IoT devices and/or running Artificial Intelligence (AI), Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR), Automation, etc.
  • As a computing node in remote and branch offices
  • Small business and enterprises
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