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Cool Row Precision Air Cond 40-60KW For Modular Data Center

Product introduction:

Cool Row Precision AC is a kind of computer room air conditioning room precision air conditioning, is mainly used in high heat density data center, room for local hot spots have low PUE ask the machine room, etc., can effectively guarantee room server rack are temperature, solve the problem of local overheating, etc, to ensure that the engine room server rack running reliability and reduce energy consumption.



Fast response

Close to the heat source refrigeration, real-time monitoring of thermal load changes, fast adjustment of refrigeration output, adapt to load demand;

Horizontal air supply

Use the air conditioners at the front and rear of the cabinet for air supply, without relying on the floor plenum or air duct for air supply;

A variety of air distribution forms

Open channel, closed cold channel, closed hot channel, closed cabinet, short air supply distance, reduce the power consumption of air transmission.



Hot plug EC fan

safe hot plug mode is adopted for EC fan whose air volume can be adjusted from 0 to 100%, and maintenance work can be carried out without interruption;

Multiple temperature monitoring

The unit can be configured with multiple groups of temperature sensors, real-time monitoring of air conditioning or server cabinet temperature at different locations, to ensure the best refrigeration effect;

Flexible compatibility

The unit has upper, lower wiring, pipe routing interfaces, convenient for users to choose flexible pipe routing, wiring mode according to the site conditions; Provide appearance and size customization service to ensure that the appearance of the unit and the server cabinet are coordinated and beautiful.



Data center (IDC)

High heat density computer room

Modular Data Center

Container data center

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