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Cool Smart Precision Air Units for Small Base Station

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Product introduction:

Cool Smart Precision Air Units for Base Station Applications are a line of high-efficiency precision cooling solutions designed specifically for base station applications. The air conditioning units feature smart control systemsprecise temperature regulation and a compact design that saves valuable space inside base station cabinets.

precision cooling solutions

Compact design - The air conditioners are designed to minimize the footprint inside small base station cabinets. Their small size saves valuable internal space within the base station.

Precise temperature control - The units precisely regulate the temperature within a range of ±1° C. This ensures base station equipment like batteries, power supplies and electronic components operate at optimal temperatures for long life and reliability.

Smart control system - The air conditioners utilize a smart control system that automatically monitors and adjusts the cooling output based on real-time temperature readings. It provides a consistently stable internal environment for your base station equipment.

High efficiency - The precision air units deliver an energy efficiency ratio (EER) of up to 3 times higher than standard air conditioners. This reduces operating costs and energy consumption of the base station.

Dust filtration - The built-in air filters trap and remove dust particles from the air circulation. This prevents dust from accumulating on internal base station components and degrading performance over time.

Flexible installation - The air conditioning units can be installed either vertically or horizontally to match your base station cabinet layout. Flexible drainage options are also provided.

 Alarm functions - The units come equipped with alarm functions that detect issues like high temperature, filter clogging and mechanical failure. This ensures quick problem identification and resolution.

precision cooling solutions

Higher precision temperature control

Standard air conditioners typically maintain temperature within ±3° C, which is not ideal for sensitive base station electronics that require more stable environments. The precision units regulate temperature within ±1° C for optimal operating conditions.

Higher efficiency

The precision air conditioners consume up to 3 times less energy compared to standard units. This results in lower operating costs and reduced carbon footprint.

Compact size

Standard air conditioners tend to be larger and consume more internal space within base station cabinets. The compact design of precision units allows them to fit into smaller spaces and cabinet footprints.

Smart control system

Precision air units feature smart controls that monitor internal temperature in real-time and automatically adjust cooling output. This ensures steady temperatures that standard air conditioners cannot achieve.

Increased reliability

By accurately maintaining ideal operating temperatures, the precision conditioning extends the lifetime and reliability of sensitive base station components like batteries and electronic modules.

Lower noise levels

Precision air conditioners tend to operate at lower fan speeds due to their higher efficiency. This results in quieter operation and less noise disturbance for people near the base station.



• Mobile base stations

Mobile base stations require precise temperature control and compact air conditioning to fit inside the small cabinets located outdoors. The precision air units can maintain optimal temperatures for the base station's electronics while occupying minimal internal space.

• Telecom base stations

Base stations used for telecommunication networks need reliable air conditioning that can operate continuously with minimal maintenance. The smart controls and high efficiency of precision units make them suitable for telecom base stations which require uptime assurance.

• Data center server rooms

Data center servers generate a significant amount of heat that must be removed to ensure reliable performance. Precision air conditioners with their accurate temperature control and flexible installations can be used to cool server equipment rows within data centers.

• Traffic control cabinets

Electronic control systems within traffic cabinets for traffic lights and traffic management require stable temperature environments. Precision air conditioning units are suitable for traffic cabinets given their compact size and precise temperature regulation.

• Network equipment shelters

The network devices within outdoor equipment shelters rely on stable internal environments for optimal operation. Precision air conditioning is often used to cool network equipment shelters due to their ability maintain temperatures within a narrow range.

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