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Data Cabinet PDU

Data Cabinet PDU
  • Data Cabinet PDU
  • Data Cabinet PDU
  • Data Cabinet PDU
Product introduction:


A data center PDU (Power Distribution Unit) is a device used to distribute power to multiple servers and other IT equipment in a data center. It is designed to provide reliable, efficient power distribution for high-density server racks. A PDU typically consists of an input power cord, multiple output receptacles, and a control panel with circuit breakers or fuses.

Data Cabinet PDU


1. Increased Efficiency

Data center PDUs provide increased efficiency by allowing for the monitoring and management of power consumption in a data center. This helps to reduce energy costs and improve operational efficiency.

2. Improved Safety

Data center PDUs help to ensure that all components in the data center are operating safely and efficiently, reducing the risk of fire or other safety hazards. 

3. Enhanced Reliability

Data center PDUs provide enhanced reliability by providing redundant power sources and ensuring that all components are operating within their specified power requirements. This helps to reduce downtime and improve system uptime.

Data Cabinet PDU Intelligence Rack PDU



Improved Monitoring

Data center PDUs allow for real-time monitoring of power consumption, allowing for better control over the data center environment and helping to identify potential problems before they become critical issues.



Data center PDUs can be easily scaled up or down as needed, allowing for greater flexibility in managing power needs in a data center environment. This helps to reduce costs associated with purchasing additional equipment or upgrading existing systems as needed.


Cost Savings

Data center PDUs can help to reduce costs associated with energy consumption by providing more efficient use of energy resources, reducing the need for additional equipment purchases, and eliminating the need for manual intervention when making changes to power configurations in a data center environment.


Remote Management Capabilities

Data center PDUs provide remote management capabilities, allowing administrators to manage their data centers from anywhere in the world via an internet connection or through a secure VPN connection. This allows administrators to quickly respond to any issues that may arise without having to physically be present at the site itself, saving time and money on travel expenses as well as reducing downtime due to unplanned outages or other problems that may arise from not being able to access a site directly.


Increased Flexibility

Data center PDUs provide increased flexibility by allowing administrators to configure different settings depending on their specific needs, such as setting different levels of voltage or current depending on the type of equipment being used in the data center environment or setting different thresholds for alarm notifications when certain conditions are met within the system itself (such as temperature thresholds). This helps administrators ensure that their systems are always running optimally while also providing them with greater control over how their systems operate overall.

Data Cabinet PDU


Power Distribution

PDUs are used to distribute power from the main power source to the various components of the data center, such as servers, storage systems, and networking equipment.

Monitoring and Control

PDUs can be used to monitor and control the power usage of individual devices in the data center, allowing for more efficient energy management.

Overload Protection

PDUs can provide overload protection by automatically shutting off power to a device if it is drawing too much current. This helps prevent damage to the device or other components in the data center due to excessive current draw. 4. Remote Management: PDUs can be managed remotely via a web interface or network protocol, allowing for easy monitoring and control of power usage from anywhere in the world.

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