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Data Room Dedicated PDU Horizontal Vertical Installation

Product introduction:

Power distribution units (PDU) refer to the electrical components required to manage the electrical supply that runs servers, computers and networking devices for data centers.Power distribution unit is an electronic device that is responsible for distribution and management of power supply to multiple connected computers, servers, and networking devices within a data center environment.


A PDU, or Power Distribution Unit system, is a type of equipment that controls and distributes power to computers, servers, and networking devices within an IT environment.

To the untrained eye, some of these configurations appear to be the same as the run-of-the-mill power strips that one could find in their local computer big-box store. However, while they have some similarities to these surge protectors, power extenders, etc., our PDUs are vastly different in terms of reliability and overall functionality.

Our Power Distribution Units are ideal for data centers, industrial environments, network closets and small IT environments, to name a few. PDUs are extremely useful because in addition to protecting and distributing power, they also detect abnormalities, reduce operating costs, increase reliability, and minimize downtime.



1. Environmental Monitoring
Monitor environmental conditions within the cabinet to ensure optimal operating conditions. A variety of sensors are available including temperature, humidity, airflow, door position, liquid detection, and more.

This feature will help you protect critical IT infrastructure by strategically monitoring data center, server room, and network closet environments.


2. Hot Swappable
Easily update your PDU’s monitoring capabilities to adapt to latest technologies and changing business needs. As your facility grows and changes, your PDU system will change and grow right along with it.

With a hot swap PDU, you can manage repairs or replacements without taking your network offline. The primary input plugs into an online UPS system, the second plugs directly into a wall outlet. A manual transfer switch allows the load to be shifted from the UPS to direct primary power. You can then power down the UPS and remove it for repair or replacement while connected critical equipment remains powered and operational.


3. Optimized Cable Management
Mismanaged cables lead to workplace hazards and overall inefficiencies. Here are a few options for cable management in your Power Distribution Unit system:

U-Lock Outlets: Secure power cords and avoid accidental disconnections. Receptacles are color-coded by circuit for instant identification.
Daisy Chain Capabilities: Daisy chain up to 50 devices on a single IP address. Reduce deployment time with self-configuration of downstream devices.

4. Remote Connectivity
Access your PDU remotely via the network interface or serial connection to monitor power consumption and configure user-defined alert notifications. Prevent downtime and increase efficiencies all at the touch of a button!

5. Outlet Control
Address unresponsive equipment or increase runtime of critical equipment upon power failure with outlet-level control.

With this feature, your PDU will monitor electrical and environmental parameters with set threshold and alarm tools while allowing you to predict failing conditions before they occur and proactively manage connected equipment for maximum uptime.


As an added bonus, this PDU design is often the most budget-friendly, ensuring lower costs for your data center without compromising on increasing efficiencies.


Communication Industry

Security System

IDC Engine Room

Electric Power System

Track Traffic

Enterprise Small And Medium Data Center

Office Scene

Dispatch Center

COOLNET intelligent power distribution products are widely applied in the communication industries,Security system,IDC engine room,Electric power system,Track traffic,etc.They support security protection for the critical electronic equipment in computer room,information center,security monitor and control,and automated industrial productionline.They are also widely applied applied in the industry of office cabling,intelligent building etc.

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