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Rack Mount 5KW Small Server Room Air Conditioning
  • Rack Mount 5KW Small Server Room Air Conditioning
Product introduction:

With the improvement of electrical equipment integration degree, equipment unit volume power density increase, also more and more strict control of the indoor temperature, room temperature control equipment to ensure good indoor environment is becoming more and more important to the equipment room dedicated brand cooling air conditioning units,24"365 full-year refrigeration,effectively reduce the indoor temperature, and can consider introducing outdoor air to replace the wind, reduce the refrigeration system on time, according to the setting of indoor temperature and outdoor natural temperature difference between air section.

Rack Cooling Precision Air Conditoning Rack Mount 5KW Small Server Room Air Conditioning

1. High quality control component.

2. Efficient evaporator made from advanced technology and with larger heat exchange area.

3. Danfoss brand quality expansion valve.

4. Internationally advanced electrode steam humidification system.

5. Unique frame design guarantees the cabinet safety under any transport condition and operating environment.

6. G4 level air filter to guarantee the server room air purity.

7. Copeland hermetic scroll compressor.

8. Standard configuration with speed adjustable centrifugal fan. EC fan is optional.

9. Highly efficient PTC electrical heater.

10. Anti-corrosion alloy condenser.

Server Rack Mount Air Conditoner

5kW model height is only 5U, extremely saves the available space in the cabinet.

Support for temperature-sensing management on top of the cabinet, eliminating local hot spots.

Multiple drainage anti-backflow design to eliminate cabinet water damage.

Intelligent self-detection of refrigerant capacity, intelligent warning.

High-efficiency inverter compressor, ultra-precise PID control technology.

Electronic expansion valve, smooth adjustment of throttle opening.

EC centrifugal fan, real-time adjustment of air output ratio on demand.

Extremely wide grid adaptation can meet 20% of the voltage range of the soil.

Rack Cooling Precision Air Conditoning


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