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High Efficiency Modular Data Center With Rapid deployment

High Efficiency Modular Data Center With Rapid deployment
  • High Efficiency Modular Data Center With Rapid deployment
  • High Efficiency Modular Data Center With Rapid deployment
  • High Efficiency Modular Data Center With Rapid deployment
Product introduction:

In response to the trend of server development such as cloud computing, virtualization, centralization and high density, the modular data center adopts a modular design concept to minimize the coupling of infrastructure to the server room environment. It integrates subsystems such as power supply and distribution, cooling, cabinets, airflow containment, integrated cabling, and dynamic loop monitoring to improve the overall operational efficiency of the data center and achieve rapid deployment, elastic expansion, and green energy saving.

High Efficiency Modular Data Center With Rapid deployment High Efficiency Modular Data Center With Rapid deployment
  • Realize phased construction and easy scalability
    Modular data center integrates modular components such as end cooling, end power distribution, end wiring, etc. On the basis of reducing initial investment, it realizes on-demand deployment of data center and avoids idle waste of fixed assets, while ensuring optimal infrastructure configuration of any IT space of large data center. Micro-modular data centers significantly reduce the cost of data centers during their useful life. For the needs of large IDC construction, it is easy to carry out rapid expansion by using micro-modular data center at any later time point and when customers require rapid business increase.
  • Green Energy Saving
    At present, the cost of power usage in data centers accounts for the largest proportion of TCO over the life of the data center. Modular data centers enable IT equipment to be powered and cooled on demand, allowing the capacity of the power supply and cooling system to better match the load demand, thereby improving efficiency and reducing over-provisioning. The micro-module power conversion rate is up to 95%, and due to the standardized interfaces and micro-module architecture, significant power savings are achieved, resulting in system energy savings.
    The modular data center adopts closed isolation of cold channels, so that hot and cold airflow do not interfere with each other, avoiding the heat island effect caused by airflow crosstalk and avoiding airflow and cooling loss. At the same time, it uses inter-column air conditioning and adopts the near heat source design of refrigeration equipment to improve the cooling efficiency, solve the problem of local hot spots, and reduce the data center operation cost. Micro-module data center combines water cooling system and natural cooling system, and PUE can be reduced to below 1.5.
High Efficiency Modular Data Center With Rapid deployment


Intelligent management and fine operation and maintenance
The modular data center utilizes real-time monitoring of the internal environment and power equipment of the micromodule, as well as the collaborative work of IT equipment and infrastructure to realize the fine operation and maintenance of the dynamic loop + IT equipment. The intelligent management system can provide visualization experience to help customers realize multi-level and refined energy consumption management in data centers, and precisely locate additional energy loss points through various reports to achieve energy saving and consumption reduction.

Easy relocation of container data center

Container data center solution integrates power distribution system, power environment monitoring, cooling system, cabinets, cabling, fire protection and other infrastructure. As a new type of data center solution, it meets the needs of traditional data centers for server room infrastructure, while having outdoor placement features that traditional data centers do not have, as well as realizing the relocatable features of server rooms.

High Efficiency Modular Data Center With Rapid deployment



  • Small data centers built by government, enterprises and institutions
  • Medium and large data centers providing private cloud services
  • Large-scale data centers for Internet and operators providing public cloud services
  • Meet the customized needs of Internet, communication, government, military, education, electric power, oil and other enterprises
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