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High Energy Efficiency Micro Modular Data Center

High Energy Efficiency Micro Modular Data Center
  • High Energy Efficiency Micro Modular Data Center
  • High Energy Efficiency Micro Modular Data Center
  • High Energy Efficiency Micro Modular Data Center
Product introduction:

The bottleneck of traditional data center in space, efficiency and energy consumption has become increasingly prominent, such as tight storage space, low efficiency and high energy consumption. With high energy costs, enterprises need to reduce energy consumption costs while improving data center utilization. At the same time, traditional data centers are inflexible in deployment and long in construction cycle, and cannot be expanded on demand. In addition, limited by the limited room space and infrastructure, traditional data centers cannot expand at will. To remain competitive, enterprises must adopt more innovative and cost-effective methods to build, operate and maintain data centers to cope with complex IT environments. Modular data center can build enterprise data center in almost any working environment with less time and lower cost, and bring stable and reliable power, cooling, security and monitoring. Compared with traditional data centers, modular data centers can save up to 30% in cost and 50% in floor space.

High Energy Efficiency Micro Modular Data Center High Energy Efficiency Micro Modular Data Center

Customized hardware facilities to improve cost performance

Modular network architecture, with servers, micro-modules and infrastructure tailored to specific business deployments.

Prefabricated components from the processing plant, assembled on the spot for rapid deployment.

Components are standardized and practical, with high quality control and clear project pages.

Transformation of cooling forms

Inter-rack column cooling to meet the needs of medium to high power density rooms (5 to 12kW/rack).

Proximity cooling with closed access. Energy migration in close proximity, cold and heat isolation, total energy consumption in server room reduced by 10%.

Micro-module can be based on IT cabinet demand, server room area and power density and other factors, flexible organic assembly of a variety of unit components to complete a standard, balanced micro-module composition design, and can be customized according to the actual project situation, very flexible.

Cold cell and in-row cooling

The micro-module consists of two columns of machine and equipment units facing each other, plus the channel closed components, skylights, side doors, etc. itself to complete the cold and hot channel isolation. The inter-column air supply distance is short, the refrigeration system control strategy is highly accurate, and also can accomplish flexible cooling on demand, meanwhile this type of form is suitable for high-density load. Built-in uninterruptible power supply system

The micro-modules are integrated with UPS or 240V DC and battery uninterruptible power supply systems. Different micro-modules can be powered by different power supply systems, completing the mixed use of multiple power supply forms in the same room. Easy to disassemble and assemble

Micro-module is prefabricated by processing plant, with industrialized and standardized characteristics, which can be disassembled and assembled easily. The project construction time is short and the construction site is easy to manage.


Modular Data Center Architecture Micro Data Center Modular Data Center Architecture Micro Data Center



Scalability and Flexibility
Compared with traditional data centers, micro-modules have the advantages of rapid deployment, reduced planning time, increased design and construction speed, and shortened construction cycle. Moreover, it does not have high requirements for project location, as long as water, electricity and network are available. In addition, modular data centers can scientifically configure the system structure according to the design plan and enhance the speed of planning and design. For example, the short production cycle of modularized products and unified production regulation improve the troubleshooting rate and reduce the workload of infrastructure construction.


Cost saving
Micro-modular data centers have independent work and maintenance spaces with standardized interfaces, and the infrastructure is planned according to this format. The modular data center is equipped with air conditioners to match the airtight channels, complete with sealed hot and cold channels, so that the near-heat source portion is directly fed with air and the airflow path is reduced. The hot and cold channels can isolate the airflow, so that the hot and cold airflows do not interfere with each other, realizing air conditioning near the cooling and heat source transfer, improving the operation efficiency of air conditioning, reducing unnecessary energy consumption, realizing energy conservation and saving costs.


Intelligent management
The micro-module server room consists of various structures, such as server cabinets, power distribution cabinets, movable skylights, air conditioners, top wiring troughs, floors, etc. In terms of the overall system, the micro-module central server room can be divided into cooling system, lighting system, fire protection system, terminal power distribution system, structural system and monitoring system, etc.



Modular Data Center Architecture Micro Data Center
  • Partial space of office building meeting load-bearing requirements
  • Old factory building after simple renovation
  • In-use and new dedicated data center
  • CDC working environment temperature -40~55℃, to meet the low temperature and high temperature national climate environment, covering global application scenarios
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