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Integrated Modular Mini Data Center High Density

Product introduction:

Modular data center is a new-generation deployment form of data center based on cloud computing. In order to cope with the development trend of cloud computing, virtualization, centralization, high-density and other servers, modular design concept is adopted to minimize the coupling of infrastructure to the room environment. It integrates subsystems such as power supply and distribution, refrigeration, cabinet, air flow containment, cabling, and moving ring monitoring to improve the overall operation efficiency of the data center and realize rapid deployment, flexible expansion, and green energy saving. It is mainly used in the data center room of finance, securities, banking, transportation and other industries.

All In One Data Center Solutions Integrated Cabinet All In One Data Center Solutions Integrated Cabinet

(1) power distribution system, UPS system, monitoring system integration.

(2) single system configuration color touch screen, can locally display all system parameters, monitoring information and alarm records, etc.

(3) network monitoring and management, access to third-party monitoring systems, remote browsing monitoring and management.

(4) System integration function

The integrated cabinet deeply integrates data center infrastructure products, including UPS, power distribution, refrigeration, cabinets, fire protection and other systems, and achieves integrated management of all systems through the monitoring system.

Reliable UPS power distribution system, constantly escorting for IT equipment, while configured with a precision cooling system to protect the operating environment of IT equipment, with dynamic loop monitoring system to monitor the working status of equipment in real time. The use of fully sealed design, can be applied in a variety of harsh indoor environments, without the need to set up a separate server room.

Micro Data Centers With PAC Units Edge Computing Micro Data Center Cabinets With Cooling And Power Systems



Efficient modular UPS

High density. A single cabinet supports a maximum 15 kW to meets various customer requirements. Modular UPS adopts the most advanced technology, realizes modular design, reduces the initial purchase cost, and meets the later equipment expansion needs and capacity expansion.

Hot and cold aisle containment

Precision in-row air conditioners are used for near-end cooling, combined with airflow containment components. The air conditioners are placed side by side with the cabinets, close to the cabinets, and directly cool the service cabinets.

One-button sunroof, automatic reset

There is no need to manually close the sunroof, and it is convenient and quick to automatically reset with one key, saving debugging, maintenance, and maintenance time.

Cooling solution(Air-cooled module solution)

Applicable to various medium and small data centers, such as: operator data centers, data centers of various industries (finance, government, energy, medical, etc.) and other enterprise-level data centers.

Chilled water module

It is suitable for all kinds of large and medium data centers with chilled water hosts, such as: Internet data centers, operator data centers, data centers in various industries (finance, government, energy, medical, etc.) and other enterprise-level data centers.



Coolnet integrated cabinet solution is an integrated solution for infrastructure construction customized for customers who have the need to rapidly build and rapidly upgrade micro and small data centers such as bank branches, broadband network points, and small and medium-sized enterprises. The solution can provide users with the data center infrastructure needed to quickly build or renovate suitable for the headquarters, and can meet the information construction needs of the rapid addition and renovation of user outlets.

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