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Intelligent Power Distribution Unit

Intelligent Power Distribution Unit
  • Intelligent Power Distribution Unit
  • Intelligent Power Distribution Unit
  • Intelligent Power Distribution Unit
Product introduction:

Intelligent monitoring PDUs are complete and versatile, and can meet the needs of high-end server rooms and data centre software intelligent power distribution and environmental monitoring systems. Intelligent PDUs can monitor both current, voltage, electrical energy, power factor, carbon emissions, fuse status, surge effectiveness and other data. It can also monitor temperature, humidity, flooding, access control, human body sensing, etc. through sensors. Remote control via CP/IP, SNMP and other protocols Power on/off, sequential power on/off, threshold alarm management, authority management, a good helper for power management. 

Intelligent Power Distribution Unit

Increased Flexibility

Data center PDUs provide increased flexibility by allowing administrators to configure different settings depending on their specific needs, such as setting different levels of voltage or current depending on the type of equipment being used in the data center environment or setting different thresholds for alarm notifications when certain conditions are met within the system itself (such as temperature thresholds). This helps administrators ensure that their systems are always running optimally while also providing them with greater control over how their systems operate overall.

Automation Capabilities

Data Center PDUs can be configured with automation capabilities, allowing administrators to set up automated tasks such as scheduling regular maintenance checks or automatically shutting down certain components if they exceed certain thresholds (such as temperature). This helps reduce manual intervention while also ensuring that all components are operating optimally at all times without requiring constant monitoring from an administrator’s end.

Enhanced Security

Data Center PDUs provide enhanced security by providing physical security measures such as locking mechanisms and tamper-proof enclosures which help protect against unauthorized access into sensitive areas within a data center environment while also preventing tampering with any components within it (such as cables). 

Intelligent Power Distribution Unit

Energy Efficiency

Data center PDUs are designed with energy efficiency in mind, helping organizations reduce their energy costs by providing more efficient power distribution and reducing wasted energy due to inefficient wiring or connections between devices. They also help reduce cooling costs by providing better airflow management within the data center environment, which can help reduce overall operating costs associated with running a data center facility.


Data center PDUs come with built-in security features such as authentication protocols, encryption technologies, and access control mechanisms that help protect against unauthorized access and malicious attacks on critical systems within the data center environment.


Data center PDUs provide greater flexibility when it comes to powering different types of equipment within a data center environment since they can be configured for different voltages and amperage levels depending on what type of equipment is being powered by them at any given time. This helps ensure that all connected devices have enough power while avoiding potential damage caused by overloading circuits or incorrect wiring configurations between devices within the same system setup 

Data Cabinet PDU


Power Distribution

PDUs are used to distribute power from the main power source to the various components of the data center, such as servers, storage systems, and networking equipment.

Monitoring and Control

PDUs can be used to monitor and control the power usage of individual devices in the data center, allowing for more efficient energy management.

Overload Protection

PDUs can provide overload protection by automatically shutting off power to a device if it is drawing too much current. This helps prevent damage to the device or other components in the data center due to excessive current draw. 4. Remote Management: PDUs can be managed remotely via a web interface or network protocol, allowing for easy monitoring and control of power usage from anywhere in the world.

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