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Micro Data Centers With PAC Units Edge Computing

Product introduction:

A micro data center is a small version of traditional equipment, shaped like a large metal container. Compared to traditional data centers, these scaled-down versions are designed for different types of workloads and can solve specific problems that traditional data centers cannot. A micro data center is the integration of traditional data center infrastructure (including in-rack, cooling, UPS, PDU, monitoring, and other subsystems) in a single 19-inch rack or multiple-racks. It is portable, quick to deploy, efficient and cost-effective, suitable for branch offices and dense urban centers, especially for edge computing and edge analytics.


1.The box has the characteristics of dust-proof, sun-proof, rain-proof, etc., and is fully adaptable to the outdoor environment.

2.The equipment warehouse cabinet adopts ventilation and heat dissipation.

3.Each cabinet is equipped with DC lighting fixtures.

4.The cabinet has sensing ability and environmental monitoring function, which can realize and upload alarms such as power failure, power failure, access control, temperature, humidity, smoke, water immersion, and battery voltage.

5.The layout of the cabinet is reasonable, the cable introduction, fixing and grounding are convenient for operation and maintenance. Power cables, signal cables and fiber optic cables have separate entry holes and will not interfere with each other.

6.The cables used in the cabinet are made of flame-retardant materials.



Reduce costs

Compared to enterprise data centers, the operating expenses of micro data centers are much lower. Additionally, the distance between client and server computers reduces the higher power costs associated with transferring computations to centralized data centers.

Greater elasticity

Traditional data centers are often at risk of service disruption if priority lines are damaged. Even with network redundancy in place, traditional data centers will struggle to compete with the options of micro data centers in the event of a failure. Micro data centers may have dozens of failover strategies.

A flexible infrastructure approach

Depending on demand, businesses can choose to scale their data needs up or down. The scalability of a micro data center makes it easy to align with enterprise goals.



Enterprise: Small Data Center

• Government: Smart City, Safe City Data Center

• Education: University/Research Institute Data Center

• Energy: Production/Survey On-Site Data Centers

• Finance: Backup data centers

• Transportation: power supply and distribution in airport/railway/port without room

• Operator: small IT room, small IDC, DR room and edge DC

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