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Modular Data Center Integrated Solution

Modular Data Center Integrated Solution
  • Modular Data Center Integrated Solution
  • Modular Data Center Integrated Solution
  • Modular Data Center Integrated Solution
Product introduction:

Modular data center is a new generation of data center deployment form based on cloud computing. In order to cope with the trend of server development such as cloud computing, virtualization, centralization and high density, it adopts modular design concept to minimize the infrastructure to The coupling of the server room environment.

It is an indisputable fact that data centers tend to be built intensively. For large and super-large data centers in data center clusters, if "modularization", factory prefabrication, and on-site assembly can be adopted at the construction level, it can significantly shorten the construction cycle while the prefabrication mode can also effectively reduce the carbon emission during the construction of data centers. In addition, the prefabrication model can also effectively reduce carbon emissions during the construction of data centers, thus promoting the carbon neutral process of data centers at the construction level.

Modular Data Center Integrated Solution

Micro-modular data center is a modularized data center, like building "Lego", assembled by the way of "splicing". Micro-module data center mainly consists of cabinets, closed channels, power supply and distribution system, cooling system, intelligent monitoring system, integrated wiring and fire protection system. Micro-module data center is fast deployable, energy-saving and efficient, simple and reliable.

Users can dynamically adjust the power supply and cooling capacity required by the load according to the load situation, avoiding the occurrence of wasteful situations at the cooling and power supply levels, realizing intelligent linkage management and refined operation of IT equipment and server room infrastructure, thus reducing costs, improving operation and management efficiency, and promoting the realization of energy saving and emission reduction in data centers.

In addition to the advantage of cost reduction, with the advancement of standardization of micro-module products, it can also realize the "decoupling" of data centers, so that there is no cyclic dependency between modules and business modules can be decoupled from each other.

Modular Data Center Integrated Solution
  • Scalability of modular systems

A modular infrastructure can be deployed according to current IT needs and can add more components later as needed. This will significantly reduce the total cost of ownership.

  • Modular system can be changed

The reconfiguration of modules in the system can provide great flexibility to meet changing IT needs.

  • Portability of the modular system

In the installation, upgrade, reconfigure or move modular, independent components, standard interfaces and easy to understand the structure both saves time and money.

  • Replaceability of modular components

Failed modules can be easily swapped out for upgrades or repairs, and often without stopping system operation.



Micro Data Center Cabinets With Cooling And Power Systems
  • Bussiness outlets,industry like:telecommunications\finance\energy\radio and television\retail...
  • Small enterprises
  • Branches and networks of large enterprises\goverment\education
  • Healthcare
  • Edge data center
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