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Outdoor Enclosure Cabinet Air Conditioner Top Mounted

Outdoor Enclosure Cabinet Air Conditioner Top Mounted
  • Outdoor Enclosure Cabinet Air Conditioner Top Mounted
Product introduction:


A major advantage of overhead cabinet air conditioners is their small size and actual footprint. Therefore, it is applicable to any place where the space is insufficient, the production line is narrow, the electrical cabinet is arranged in rows and the emergency evacuation route needs to be unblocked. Because the cabinet air conditioner is installed on the top of the electrical cabinet, it can be protected from mechanical damage during continuous production.



Ø Air conditioner and heat exchanger system as backup

Ø Energy saving, different cooling mode for varied ambient conditions

Ø Low noise, the noise level of unit can be reduced according to the heat load, silently operating in most time

Ø Lifetime >10 years – minimum maintenance

Ø Environmental friendly – R134a and RoHS compliant

Ø IP55 and Corrosion Proof

Ø Dedicated design by delay start



This type of top-mounted air conditioner is mainly installed on the top of a cabinet air conditioner. For a cabinet with no room to install a cabinet air conditioner on its side, this type of air conditioner saves space.

Coolnet cabinet air conditioning is characterized by internal and external air conditioning, not contacts, to avoid the external environment of high-temperature dust, and corrosive gases in the control cabinet, to ensure the long-term stable operation of the components in the control cabinet, the cabinet temperature, and humidity is always constant in the ideal state, thereby extending the service life of the electronic components in the control cabinet and overall equipment stability.



Cabinet air conditioners are specially designed for applications in the communications field, such as solving the heat dissipation problems of outdoor communication cabinets, wireless outdoor cabinet base stations, battery cabinets, etc. It is mainly used to take away the heat issued by the electrical components consuming electrical energy, providing an ideal temperature and humidity environment inside various cabinets, while isolating the dust and corrosive gases in the external environment, prolonging the service life of electrical components and improving the reliability of machine system operation. The products are suitable for electrical control boxes, communication, communication equipment, data processing boxes, and heavy motor equipment control boxes, etc.

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