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Power Distribution Unit Rack Mount

Product introduction:

PDU (Power Distribution Unit), which is often referred to as power distribution outlets for cabinets, is a product designed to provide power distribution for cabinet-mounted electrical equipment, with different functions, installation methods and different plug combinations of a variety of series of specifications, to provide suitable rack-mounted power distribution solutions for different power environments. The application of PDU can make the power distribution in the cabinet more neat, reliable, safe, professional and beautiful, and make the maintenance of power in the cabinet more convenient and reliable.


Power Distribution Unit Rack Mount Power Distribution Unit Rack Mount


1、High safety factor and cost saving
Through PDU management power supply with overload power failure protection and multiple circuit protection functions, it can prevent overload high temperature, lightning strike, surge and other hazards to maximize the safety factor of the product. In addition, the product can help users achieve unattended, saving labor costs, effectively reducing management and maintenance costs, cost-effective.
2、Real-time power monitoring, automatic alarm protection
pdu can monitor the power supply voltage, current, active power, reactive power and frequency and other power parameters in real time, so that users can grasp and manage the power equipment. When the system fails or the total load current exceeds the system set value, it will automatically alarm through SMS, email and telephone.
3、Support remote control, convenient management
PDU can be connected to LAN or Internet, users can control PDU remotely through computer, and query, connect, disconnect or restart the power supply of each device in its down-linked port, which completely breaks the distance and geographical boundaries.
4、Flexible strategy management
According to the use of each power device, users can customize the configuration policy. Based on the user's strategy management and monitoring events, the product supports centralized management and automatic cycle control, managing several devices in one interface at the same time and setting the power on/off cycle independently, which is convenient and practical.
5、Electricity metering, energy consumption evaluation
PDU can manage the power consumption of power equipment, calculate the power factor, and evaluate the energy consumption of power equipment. If the power factor is low, the power loss in the transmission process is large, and the power consumption suddenly surges, the PDU can be set to adjust the power consumption status of the equipment, and alert the user by SMS, email, etc.




1、For intelligent PDUs, in addition to the basic PDU product functions, they can also monitor, manage and control the power consumption of multiple devices, which greatly reduces labor costs and improves operational efficiency.

2、Intelligent PDUs provide a safe, efficient and intelligent way to use electricity for various applications, and operators can remotely obtain real-time data of key infrastructure to provide a basis for data center management decisions and ensure high reliability, high availability and high efficiency of the data center.

3、Smart PDUs also have unique auxiliary energy saving and consumption reduction functions. The intelligent power unit can provide comprehensive and accurate power measurement, energy consumption and environmental data, which can not only serve as a means to effectively control power distribution and maximize data center power utilization efficiency, but also help evaluate and improve data center efficiency, provide necessary information for capacity planning, increase uptime, effectively reduce PUE value, and strongly promote data center It can also help evaluate and improve data center efficiency, provide necessary information for capacity planning, increase uptime, effectively reduce PUE value, and strongly promote data centers to achieve low-cost, low-energy green operation.

Data Cabinet PDU


Power Distribution

PDUs are used to distribute power from the main power source to the various components of the data center, such as servers, storage systems, and networking equipment.

Monitoring and Control

PDUs can be used to monitor and control the power usage of individual devices in the data center, allowing for more efficient energy management.

Overload Protection

PDUs can provide overload protection by automatically shutting off power to a device if it is drawing too much current. This helps prevent damage to the device or other components in the data center due to excessive current draw. 4. Remote Management: PDUs can be managed remotely via a web interface or network protocol, allowing for easy monitoring and control of power usage from anywhere in the world.

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