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Rack Cooling Precision Air Conditoning

Product introduction:

Cool Rack series rack-mounted air conditioner is a cabinet-level temperature control product specially designed for integrated cabinets data center, modules data center or high heat density data centers. It can be placed in the cabinet close to the heat source and can accurately handle the output of the equipment in the cabinet. The high sensible heat can effectively prevent the generation of local hot spots, reduce the return air distance, increase the return air temperature, and improve the energy efficiency ratio.



High Precision -Ultra-precise PID control technology, more accurate temperature control. -The standard electronic expansion valve can smoothly adjust the throttle opening and realize the precise adjustment of the unit.     Energy efficient -High-efficiency EC centrifugal fan can adjust the air volume output ratio in real time as needed. -Outdoor motor chopper speed regulation, which can realize 25-100% wide voltage speed regulation control.     Flexible configuration -Standard upper air supply (compatible with both sides), optional front air supply. -Rich options: optional display screen, PTC electric heating, wet film humidification, low temperature components.     Safe and reliable -Equipped with three-level protection devices: water level switch, condensate drainage pump, and water leakage detection rope to ensure smooth drainage and minimize the risk of water leakage. -Reserved sealing shut-off valve for pipeline interface, no hot installation, convenient disassembly and assembly on site. -Support emergency ventilation linkage.


Rack air conditioners are single-rack/multi-rack temperature control solutions. The rack-type air conditioner is installed in the cabinet, and the cold and hot aisles are closed through the cabinet, combined with the high-efficiency DC inverter compressor, to achieve high-efficiency cooling close to the heat source.   Using environmentally friendly refrigerant R410A/R134A, the cooling capacity range covers 3.5kw-12.5kw, which can meet the cooling needs of small and medium-sized enterprise sites with full cooling capacity. Rack-type placement, split type and integrated type are optional.


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