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Rack Mount 5KW Small Server Room Air Conditioning

Product introduction:

Coolnet rack air conditioner is a cabinet-level temperature control product designed for high heat-density data centers. It is placed close to the heat source on the cabinet frame and can precisely handle the sensible high heat generated by the servers in the cabinet, effectively preventing local hot spots from being developed, and helping the continuous development of green data centers.



-Large air volume, small flame difference, 365 days * 24 hours continuous operation design, with high efficiency, energy saving, stable, long life design.

-Multiple drainage design + drainage pipe anti-backflow design; eliminating the risk of water damage inside the cabinet.

-Multiple temperature control logic, the internal temperature sensor of air conditioner supports the end to collect the upper temperature of the cabinet; to eliminate the risk of hot spot heat zone in the cabinet

-Refrigerant quantity intelligent self-detection and intelligent early warning; to avoid long-term operation after the lack of fluorine caused by the decline in refrigeration capacity caused by high-temperature problems in the cabinet; (optional)

-Inverter compressor, automatic adjustment of refrigeration output according to the cabinet load; standard electronic expansion valve, smooth adjustment of throttle opening, automatic control of refrigerant flow.


5kW model height is only 5U, extremely saves the available space in the cabinet.

Support for temperature-sensing management on top of the cabinet, eliminating local hot spots.

Multiple drainage anti-backflow design to eliminate cabinet water damage.

Intelligent self-detection of refrigerant capacity, intelligent warning.

High-efficiency inverter compressor, ultra-precise PID control technology.

Electronic expansion valve, smooth adjustment of throttle opening.

EC centrifugal fan, real-time adjustment of air output ratio on demand.

Extremely wide grid adaptation can meet 20% of the voltage range of the soil.


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