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Product introduction:

Cool Row Series Precision Air Conditioning is a row-level cooling solution for data centers requires higher density and higher efficiency, The air conditioning unit and the server are arranged in parallel and arranged between the servers. Since it is closer to the heat load, the energy consumption of air supply will be greatly reduced, Effectively reduce the PUE of data center, In-row structure design, cooling capacity range 12-60kW, air cooled or chilled water cooled, dedicated design for micro data centers.

• 12 ~ 50kW
Directly Expansion Cooling

• 20 ~ 60kW
Chilled Water Cooling

Row Cooling Unit Row Cooling Unit

Efficient - save money and space

●Adopt high-efficiency EC fan, with soft-start function, multiple fans are evenly distributed, air flow is uniform without dead angle, and heat exchange efficiency is improved.

●Air is directly drawn from the hot aisle, enabling the unit to take advantage of higher heat transfer efficiency.

●Cold aisle/Hot ailse containment avoids mixing of cold and hot air.


High intelligence - time saving

●Standard RS485 communication interface to realize remote monitoring, optional SNMP and TCP/IP interface to improve the efficiency of communication interconnection and meet users' various needs for energy linkage, monitoring and inspection, etc.

●Intelligent detection of supply voltage, frequency and three- phase imbalance.

●Highest protection against downtime, equipment damage and excess wear and tear.

●Touched screen interface offers the full visibility.

Row Cooling Unit

Highly reliable full frequency conversion control, starting current less than rated current and lower impact of power grid.

Adopting two stage evaporator, add water tray in the middle, effectively prevent blowing water.

Adopting high-quality components that are strictly tested and certified.

High strength structure design could ensure solid and reliable.

Row Cooling Unit

Data center (IDC)

High heat density computer room

Modular Data Center

container data center

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